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Welcome to Monumental Gaming!


Server Updates

Oct 13 2014 08:32 PM by ikoN~

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Here are some updates that have happened over the last week:



Reverted to original non-mysql uTime as it was causing a lot of lag on all servers

Updated to new style MOTD on servers which didn't have it

Improved loading screen

Implemented Automatic Donation System on all servers - basically each server has a $10 package, add $10 worth of credits and you can activate a package at any time. You can also tranfer credits to friends. More packages will come. At the same time we have reset all user ranks on these servers. Active donators will receive their rank back manually asap. http://monumentalgam...tem/#entry21802 < more info

Staff structure adjustment



Added log system for staff

Removed FAdmin (ulx darkrp commands have been added for staff)

Replaced Scoreboard

Added tasers for Police. This tasers the person for about 10 seconds. Can arrest person while they are tased. Buy new stungun ammo/charge in F4. 10 second to charge.

Switched thief models to citizen, and mafia models to the previous thief ones - as the mafia models had no ragdoll and causes a big issue with the taser.

Changed back to evilmelon

Updated to latest DarkRP, main thing is less lag

Updated the Phone, now has a directory of players to easily call/sms. And has some flappy bird game.

Can now dial 911 on Phone, a police officer or swat can answer this and see where you are on the map.



Prop Hunt

Updated to new style Votemap screen



Updated to new style Votemap screen


Added maps:

- dr_minecraft

- deathrun_prison_break

- deathrun_arduous_final_fixed

- deathrun_office_chairfix

- deathrun_dark_energy_fix

- deathrun_goldfever

- deathrun_static_final

- deathrun_castlerun_fixed



Players can no longer right click props to ignite them for example on Sledbuild



Updated/fixed PlayX


Trouble in Terrorist Town

Added maps:

- ttt_lego

- ttt_alps

- ttt_fastfood_a6

- ttt_terrortrainb2

- ttt_datmap

- ttt_innocentmotel_v1

- ttt_magma_v2a

Removed notifications saying who you killed and if they were a T

End of round summary of people killed/points earnt/lost

Added new Death Panel showing who killed you

Updated damagelog

New T Weapon: Door Locker - locks a door for 30 seconds, door has 300hp so can be unlocked this way

New T Weapon: Tear gas - Hybrid smoke/decom effect, lose health in the mist

New T Weapon: Decoy Grenade - Like a radio decoy, emits weapon sounds, sparks and finishes with an explosion

New T Weapon: Cloak - Can cloak yourself by holding mouse1

M9K skin replacements for: M249, pistol, glock, rifle


New Bunny Hop server

More info here

Maps being constantly added see here


More is to come and they will be updated here.

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Server Updates

Aug 03 2014 02:32 PM by ikoN~

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Some random server updates have happened, more is to come and they will be updated here.


Prop Hunt

Added Maps (workshop collection link here):

  • ph_bitnanner
  • ph_gas_stationrc7
  • ph_littlegarden 
  • ph_lockup 
  • ph_parkinglot 
  • ph_school 
  • ph_crashhouse 
  • ph_warehouse_v2 
  • ph_villahouse 
  • ph_underwataaa 
  • ph_islandhouse  
  • ph_restaurant

Added /unstuck command


Trouble in Terrorist Town

Added Maps (workshop collection link here):

  • ttt_vegas
  • ttt_terrorception
  • ttt_lumos
  • ttt_67thway_v7_j_l
  • ttt_bunker
  • ttt_community_bowling_v5a
  • ttt_stadium
  • ttt_cluedo_b5 (need to add in more weapon spawns)
  • ttt_airbus_b3

New MOTD screen (same as DarkRP)

Updated Votemap screen (new random option, also excludes previous 3 maps)

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