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    • As this ban was well over a year ago, I will unban you. Make sure you read the rules as a lot has happened.   
    • Ban Appeal

      In Game Name: Daniel FTP

      SteamID: STEAM_0:1:54942442

      Server you were banned on: DarkRP   When were you banned: Thursday, 15th of January 2015, 10:11pm   How long you were banned for: Permanent

      Admin that banned you: Admin Deleted

      What happened: Im not sure, it was a long time ago. The reason was "Out of chances."

      Why you think you should be unbanned: Because I got back into Garry's Mod and I remember playing this server so much and being ban for an idiotic reason. I really enjoyed the server and had a really fun time playing.
    • Why hello there So apparently I joined here in 2013, never even knew to be honest. Was reading my old posts and had a bit of a cringe, but anyways.. I play the Deathrun server and absolutely suck at it, but there's shits and giggles then and there. Hope to meet many of you along the way Also was wondering if I can get my forum name changed to KT to match my steam name
    • Spoke to me on steam. Un-banned /requestinglock Jake 
    • Hi Nick, The reason why you were ban was " FailRP (Defending Hitmans Base As A Security Guard) | Attempted RDM | Left | 1 Day | Jake" You defended your friends base (Hitman) as a Security Guard while the Bloods were raiding which is not allowed. Ask such you Failed Role Play and attempted to RDM multiple Bloods by shooting them. You then left the server when you lost the raid. I suggest next time you do not leave when you lose a raid as Feakz said in your abuse post about me, because it will give you a chance to speak to me in game.   Jake
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