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April 03, 2014, 10:54:44 AM by ikoN
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We have finally switched over to Sourcebans, and ditched the ULX Global Ban. Thanks to Haash we have managed to convert the previous bans over into Sourcebans. One of the more useful features is that it shows the ban history for players, although this does not include any previous bans that would now be expired. It should also improve the performance of the servers to a degree, especially ULX, as the global ban was getting very laggy with the amount of bans we had!


uTime MySQL

This probably won't mean much to you but I switched uTime from SQLite to MySQL. This better uTime also keeps track of players name and Steam ID. One of the reasons for this switch is that this should reduce (hopefully eliminate) any of those instances where a players time would get reset. The other cool thing about it is that we can use the database on our website to display info, such as Top 10 playtimes per server:


There are more uses which will be implemented sometime, such as being able to search by Steam ID, and seeing the last time a player joined the server.

Daily Login Rewards & Steam Group Rewards

You have probably noticed this but most servers should now have these running. Basically you get a bonus every day you join, such as 15 points. It's not much but it's a cool addition! Also players can get bonus points by joining the steam group. This will pop up on your first join. If you have already joined the group and go to another server, just hit join group again and it will check and give you a reward (if you haven't received the reward on that server). Obviously you can't unjoin and rejoin and get unlimited rewards.

Trouble in Terrorist Town
  • Updated to newest TTT, fixing some issues such as zooming in on a weapon.
  • Removed post round Slow motion until it is fixed
  • Removed ski resort map
  • Added new Votemap system, it includes a screenshot of each map and randomly selects 8 maps to choose from
  • This includes !RTV system so people can call for a map vote
  • Scoreboard ranks slightly different, also right click menu on scoreboard
  • Donators get 2x map vote power
  • Added much Traitor weapons

Prop Hunt
  • Added new Votemap system, it includes a screenshot of each map and randomly selects 8 maps to choose from
  • Added 5 prop hunt maps so far
  • Added system to prevent players dying if there isn't enough spawns

That's more of a critical update, lots of more 'fun' additions like pointshop items and maps will be coming very soon.

There is lots of other shit in the works, will keep you all updated.
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