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Welcome to MonumentalGaming.net!

July 13, 2014, 05:26:42 PM by ikoN~
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There has been some big updates to the pointshop this weekend. I have condensed all fastdl and workshop files of all the Pointshop servers (prop hunt, deathrun, ttt, sledbuild). So only these 2 files are needed to be downloaded for all these servers (apart from maps).


About 23 playermodels (some are excluded for ttt), and 20 masks have also been added. More will be added, as well as new taunts etc - will update this post. These new items have also been made more expensive than usual, to cater for the richer players on the server.
June 23, 2014, 06:21:16 PM by ikoN~
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We now have a new Teamspeak server. Reason being, it was hosted on our dedicated server along with our other games. It has been using a lot of bandwidth lately, so we've decided to take it off the Dedi and have it hosted elsewhere.

The new IP is:

As we were unable to migrate the database, Caboose has set it up from scratch. Along with this, we have decided to make a few changes as well.

There is no longer individual server staff ranks such as DarkRP Mod. It is now just simply Monumental Staff which will include mods and admins (Managers and Owners have a separate additional rank). Along with this, there is also a new rank: Teamspeak Staff. This group has the admin privileges on the TS server, not Monumental Staff. Staff will apply internally to be apart of the Teamspeak Staff. Managers and higher will be Staff to start with. This allows us to better manage what goes on and reduce any abuse that may happen. Caboose has also been made the Teamspeak Manager, and is mainly responsible for making changes to the TS. The new TS is still being set up, but it is mostly done.

That's it really. Werd.
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