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    • mod fourm
      Hi. You already have a mod app open here: Please lock one of the mod applications. ~Batman
    • turkey Moderator Applications
      Moderator Application       In Game Name:     turkey     SteamID / Profile Link:     STEAM_0:0:70377590     Real Name (Just first name will do):     tyler     Age (Don't lie, we can tell, really, we can.):     18     Do you have a mic and do you use it often:     yes and I don't really use it     Which Monumental servers do you usually play on?    Death run     How many in-game points do you have?     20105     What is your playtime on the server?    5Days 11hours 25mins     Have you had any previous administration experience:     I was admin on TTT That One Game which has close down      What language is used for scripting in Gmod?    lua    Someone is constantly setting all the buttons off before players even get to them, what do you do:  I'll make sure that they are. I'll then slay them for that round. if caught doing it again slay them followed by kick if done again   You have received many complaints of someone dodging their duties as a death, what do you do:   I would give them one warning not to do it again. if they do it again I would slay them for one round. third time doing it I will warn them they will be banned if done one more time after kicking them. if they come back and still  continue to do it I will banned them for 1 day   Why do you want to be Moderator:   I like Deathrun along with the community. on the times I have been on the server staff are not on for very long which has lead to annoying chat and mic spammers also rule breakers which then having to make a ban report      Add extra comments that you think should be included if need be:    no     Agreement:     By completing this application you agree to have read the rules thoroughly and understand them clearly, you understand if any rules are broken whilst your application is being reviewed during the 2 week review time your application may void and risk being denied or removed.  You understand that by submitting your application you are committing to monumental gaming and swear to always do the best thing for the community/server. You MUST understand the rules clearly and MUST follow them, this cannot be stressed enough for potential mods. You agree if you ever nagg/winge/pester admin/mods to look at your application or to give you mod/admin, your application will be denied. You have read the agreement and understand the conditions of submitting your application.     Signature: Turkey
    • Farewell once again ;)
      I'm actually gonna miss you on deathrun! Good luck to whatever you decide on doing in the future c: Gonna miss ya buddy!!!
    • DontFear's Mod Application
      Bump Updated Gmod hours
      Updated server play time
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