Server Changes

    By ikoN,
    There have been some changes to the web and game servers the last 24 hours.
    I have moved the website to another host. It is now located where our fastdl server was. So this has saved some costs rather than paying for 2 web hosts.
    I have also upgraded to a new dedicated server which is quite better than our old one. This was all transferred over today successfully. There is a new IP though. The IPs of each server are: - DarkRP - Prop Hunt - Deathrun - Sandbox - TTT - Bunny Hop
    As you can see as well some servers are no longer. RIP Sledbuild, Prop Kill, Cinema and Melon Bomber. They weren't utilized much and allows more focus on the main servers we have.
    There will be some changes to Prop Hunt, Deathrun, TTT and Bhop at some point in the future.
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    DarkRP Update

    By ikoN,
    The DarkRP update has finally happened. As the server has been up for a bit over 3 years, the update has included a reset of pretty much everything except for user ranks and utime. This should improve server performance and roleplay. This is mainly a massive back end update with some new content. Here is the main things that have happened:
    - Economy Reset. Donators over the past few months will be reimbursed RP money over the next week more info to come.
    - Adv Dupe Reset. People can request to have some dupes bought back over the next week more info to come.
    - A lot of fixes.
    - New Weapons. FAS:2 Alpha weapons with attachments. Check weapon info in the slot menu for what ammo they need. 
    - New Job Hired Goon (criminal security guard/errands type of job more info to come).
    - New Meth Cook Job. Cook up Meth and sell it to NPC for decent cash.
    - New HUD/F4 Menu/Scoreboard things.
    - Pepper Spray weapon.
    - Better staff tools.
    - Many quality of life improvements.
    - Serial Rapist & Cars have been removed.
    - Restriction adjustments.
    - rPhone is back.
    - Weather/day and night cycle is back.
    - No bankr, ATMs or tax just wallet.
    - Map back to rp_downtown_v4e_fix, same map but fixes some of the issues of the current map.
    - Probably some other things
    Now that this major update has occurred you can now expect many more content updates and new features to occur, much quickly. There are other things we wanted to add but it has been so long we needed to get this update put out first. We have a lot planned!
    Massive credits to
    ph33x for spending a shit load of time getting the update ready and fixing up a lot.
    Ownage for fixing up weapon issues.
    Nathan for writing up commands reference.
    Juke for working on the prop blacklist.
    Caboose for assisting with ulx/falco/urs permissions.
    Everyone else who has helped with testing and finding issues on the test server.
    Obviously please let us know of any issues.
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    Forum Upgrade

    By ikoN,
    As you may see the forum has been updated from 3.4.x to 4.x.
    This is quite a major upgrade for Invision Board. Things are slightly different now. Over time things will be done to make it appear like it was before.
    At the moment the main things that may not return for a while include:
    - Steam Profile Integration
    - Staff pages
    There are also no longer friends but followers instead, if you follow someone you will be notified when they make any posts. The old Shoutbox was not updated to this newer version so we have a new one as well. 
    Expect some new features.
    If you have any trouble logging in, your login name is what your previous Display name was not your previous login name.
    If you find any issues please let me know.
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    Bunny Hop update

    By ikoN,
    As discussed on another thread, due to the lag issue with the bunny hop gamemode, efforts to resolve it didn't work out so there has been some changes to address this.
    The gamemode has been changed to the one we had before, which was made by George. This has been updated as well with some new styles and also stores data in mysql.
    The lag issue seemed to be due to the large amount of times saved to the database, and the fact it was stored using SQLite which doesn't handle large tables of data that well compared to Mysql.
    The times had to be reset as it was in a different structure. But I am confident this will be the last reset of times the server has.
    There are 236 maps currently set up, with another ~50 due to be set up in the near future.
    The gamemode is similar to what we had before, type !help in chat to see some of the commands, F1 can be used to switch style and F2 to toggle spectator. I've made the theme mostly black cause I am not good with colours.
    The ranks are sorted out differently though. As some may remember, it is based on your position overall against all players rather than the amount of points you have. Probably the only feature that is currently missing is a !top list to show the ranks of everyone (inc offline), this will come soon enough.
    +left/right binds will stop your timer so best get used to not using them
    Please report any issues, should be all good though!
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    Server Updates

    By ikoN,
    Here are some updates that have been done by the team recently which aren't in the previous update post. This list will be updated as more things are remembered, added, and fixed.
    - Added !staff command showing in-game staff as well as other commands for staff
    - Rules revamped /rp_motd.html">
    - Updated to latest version
    - Changed map to downtown_v4c_v2_drpext4
    - Added 8 vehicles from the Left 4 Dead car pack including 1 police car and 1 taxi. These are single use vehicles. A way to sell them back at 75% value will be added soon.
    - Added Chop Shop NPC. Stolen cars can be sold for some cash to this guy.
    - Added Taxi Driver job.
    - New HUD
    - Removed the phone.
    Prop Hunt
    - New Playermodels
    - Changed to an improved/modified version of the gamemode.
    - Prop Rotation/Lock
    - New Scoreboard
    - Pointshop Weapons added
    - New Taunt Menu
    - Added maps:
    - Scoreboard has been updated, fixing the issue with it
    - Team Balancing has been removed
    - Round Number is now said in chat when the round starts (Round 5 has started)
    - End round menu can be closed with F1
    - Only Hunters will no-collide with eachother
    - Set Round Time to be 5 minutes like before.
    - New Playermodels
    - Added maps:
    - New Playermodels
    - Added map gm_construct_flatgrass_v6-2
    - Added and set default map gm_construct_in_flatgrass
    - Added SProps
    - Added Anti-NoClip Field for Staff to set safezones
    - Added Fin Tool
    - Updated Adv Dupe
    - Updated Wiremod
    - Scoreboard is back
    - Added Multi-Parent Tool
    - Added Track Assembly tool for respected+
    - Updated Precision and Stacker to include anti crash measures
    - Restricted Stacker, Lamps to respected+
    Prop Kill
    - Added a lot of maps
    - Player K/D stats were reset
    Trouble in Terrorist Town
    - Added maps:
    - Fixed HUD font issue for some people
    - Applied map fixes that Cryptic Bore did regarding spawn/weapon placements
    - Added extra commands for staff to help moderate
    - Installed a UI skin, d/t shop redesigned
    Bunny Hop
    - New Playermodels
    - Changed to an alternative Bunny Hop gamemode which includes more features and styles
    - Removed Trails
    - Added console command taunt_disable (0/1) and taunt_volume (0-100)
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    Server Updates

    By ikoN,
    Here are some updates that have happened, this list is constantly updated until the next update announcement post.
    Reverted to original non-mysql uTime as it was causing a lot of lag on all servers
    Updated to new style MOTD on servers which didn't have it
    Improved loading screen
    Implemented /donate/">Automatic Donation System on all servers - basically each server has a $10 package, add $10 worth of credits and you can activate a package at any time. You can also tranfer credits to friends. More packages will come. At the same time we have reset all user ranks on these servers. Active donators will receive their rank back manually asap. /index.php?/topic/2767-rank-resets-auto-donator-system/#entry21802"> < more info
    Staff structure adjustment
    Added log system for staff
    Removed FAdmin (ulx darkrp commands have been added for staff)
    Replaced Scoreboard
    Added tasers for Police. This tasers the person for about 10 seconds. Can arrest person while they are tased. Buy new stungun ammo/charge in F4. 10 second to charge.
    Switched thief models to citizen, and mafia models to the previous thief ones - as the mafia models had no ragdoll and causes a big issue with the taser.
    Changed back to evilmelon
    Updated to latest DarkRP, main thing is less lag
    Updated the Phone, now has a directory of players to easily call/sms. And has some flappy bird game.
    Can now dial 911 on Phone, a police officer or swat can answer this and see where you are on the map.
    Fixed weapons showing as holstered
    Added command ulx giveweapon/removeweapon for staff to help refund people in some situations, ulx demote for staff to force demote to citizen, and ulx staff for everyone to easily see staff online
    Replaced knife with Haash's knife
    Fixed some LUA errors
    Now shows STEAMID on join/disconnect
    Fixed RPG exploit
    Bomb Gen gets destroyed on job change
    Default gun licenses properly show
    Added Drug Cook job. Basically cook meth, and sell it to people (causes temp health regen) or sell it instantly. how2 cook. Changes will come such as playermodel and changing the way of instantly selling it. Also this is a solo job.
    Set up jailbreak system! If you can make it away from the PD pretty far (make it to the hospital for example) you will be automatically unarrested and wanted by the police.
    Prop Hunt
    Updated to new style Votemap screen
    Added maps:
    - ph_building_a3
    - ph_starship
    - ph_trainstation
    - ph_realhouse
    - ph_holiday_gift
    Removed maps:
    - ph_bitnanner
    Updated to new style Votemap screen
    New HUD
    Added maps:
    - dr_minecraft
    - deathrun_prison_break
    - deathrun_arduous_final_fixed
    - deathrun_office_chairfix
    - deathrun_dark_energy_fix
    - deathrun_goldfever
    - deathrun_static_final
    - deathrun_castlerun_fixed
    Players can no longer right click props to ignite them for example on Sledbuild
    Updated/fixed PlayX
    Trouble in Terrorist Town
    Added maps:
    - ttt_lego
    - ttt_alps
    - ttt_fastfood_a6
    - ttt_terrortrainb2
    - ttt_datmap
    - ttt_innocentmotel_v1
    - ttt_magma_v2a
    - ttt_concrete_b3
    Removed notifications saying who you killed and if they were a T
    End of round summary of people killed/points earnt/lost
    Added new Death Panel showing who killed you
    Updated damagelog
    New T Weapon: Door Locker - locks a door for 30 seconds, door has 300hp so can be unlocked this way
    New T Weapon: Tear gas - Hybrid smoke/decom effect, lose health in the mist
    New T Weapon: Decoy Grenade - Like a radio decoy, emits weapon sounds, sparks and finishes with an explosion
    New T Weapon: Cloak - Can cloak yourself by holding mouse1
    M9K skin replacements for: M249, pistol, glock, rifle, G36C, Vector
    COD Style hit markers
    Sprint/stamina system implemented - Shift to sprint - V is now traitor mic chat
    Holstered primary weapons show on back, pistols on side
    New Bunny Hop server
    More info /index.php?/topic/2828-bhop-server/#entry22220">here
    Maps being constantly added see /index.php?/topic/2833-map-list/">here
    More is to come and they will be updated here.
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    Server Updates

    By ikoN,
    Some random server updates have happened, more is to come and they will be updated here.
    Prop Hunt
    Added Maps (workshop collection link here):
    ph_bitnanner ph_gas_stationrc7 ph_littlegarden  ph_lockup  ph_parkinglot  ph_school  ph_crashhouse  ph_warehouse_v2  ph_villahouse  ph_underwataaa  ph_islandhouse   ph_restaurant Added /unstuck command
    Trouble in Terrorist Town
    Added Maps (workshop collection link here):
    ttt_vegas ttt_terrorception ttt_lumos ttt_67thway_v7_j_l ttt_bunker ttt_community_bowling_v5a ttt_stadium ttt_cluedo_b5 (need to add in more weapon spawns) ttt_airbus_b3 New MOTD screen (same as DarkRP)
    Updated Votemap screen (new random option, also excludes previous 3 maps)
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    New Forums

    By ikoN,
    As you can tell, we have just switched from SMF to Invision Board (forum software). Everything has gone smoothly. I don't really have much to say about it but it is almost set up how we want it. Usergroups are the main thing that I will be setting up soon.
    Now a couple of things for the new people who are attempting to sign in here.
    If you have an existing account already, don't use Steam Sign In! That will make a new account. You will need to log in to your existing account first, and then you can link your steam account in your profile if you wish to sign in to your existing account through steam.
    Also, some people had special characters in their log in name, so if you are unable to log in this may be why. Send me a message and I can rename your username if this has occurred.
    And yeah unfortuantely the steam ID's didn't convert across, so you will need to put in your steam ID in your profile to have the steam integration. Alternatively you can just link your steam account - either way will work fine. I recommend both!
    If you've donated before, go here
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    Pointshop Updates

    By ikoN,
    There has been some big updates to the pointshop this weekend. I have condensed all fastdl and workshop files of all the Pointshop servers (prop hunt, deathrun, ttt, sledbuild). So only these 2 files are needed to be downloaded for all these servers (apart from maps).

    About 23 playermodels (some are excluded for ttt), and 20 masks have also been added. More will be added, as well as new taunts etc - will update this post. These new items have also been made more expensive than usual, to cater for the richer players on the server.
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    New Teamspeak

    By ikoN,
    We now have a new Teamspeak server. Reason being, it was hosted on our dedicated server along with our other games. It has been using a lot of bandwidth lately, so we've decided to take it off the Dedi and have it hosted elsewhere.

    The new IP is:

    As we were unable to migrate the database, Caboose has set it up from scratch. Along with this, we have decided to make a few changes as well.

    There is no longer individual server staff ranks such as DarkRP Mod. It is now just simply Monumental Staff which will include mods and admins (Managers and Owners have a separate additional rank). Along with this, there is also a new rank: Teamspeak Staff. This group has the admin privileges on the TS server, not Monumental Staff. Staff will apply internally to be apart of the Teamspeak Staff. Managers and higher will be Staff to start with. This allows us to better manage what goes on and reduce any abuse that may happen. Caboose has also been made the Teamspeak Manager, and is mainly responsible for making changes to the TS. The new TS is still being set up, but it is mostly done.

    That's it really. Werd.
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      Weiner Von DoodleSchlappen: I have 261 mil. Looks like you picked up quite a bit from a hacker, then spent a good half hour /bankr depositing and upgrading . Whenever money hax happens, anyone with hax amounts of cash gets banned asap to prevent further damage to the economy. 
      I will unban you, but it should have been pretty obvious that the cash wasn't legitimate. 
    • Ban Appeal
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      If I remember I did have a lot of money but it was giving to me form like mods and stuff. I assure you that I never used any "money hax" and if I did I wouldn't be wanting to come back on this server, I like this server so that's why I was confused when I got perm banned.
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      Its likely you had possession of a stupid amount of money when the wallet database was inspected. As in, millions+.
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      Welcome! Seen you ingame and on the forums, you seem like a pretty kool dude. Come on RP some more, we dont bite! (well maybe the hobos will....) Hope to see you ingame some more, chow.
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      Jim Fucking Sterling Son - Honestly some of the best gaming journalism around.
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