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    • Holla when you want an unlock fam.
    • It's become apparent to me that I may look like I'm trying to hard to get moderator and through a friends advice I feel like it's probably what more then a few might assume of me. I'm going to be locking this thread until I feel like unlocking it or until requested to unlock it (just a possibility) as I want to show that my attitude towards how I play and try to help out on Monumental Gaming Deathrun is genuine and not for this rank. Whilst I would love to have the ability to help out more then I try to already, I do not want this rank to be the cost of my reputation and the reason people might think of me as a try-hard. I'm not saying anyone thinks this of me because I know your mostly lovely people  , but from an outsiders view it's possible and I'd rather just be seen as a player that's there to help or one that is kind to others new to death-run for now. This is not me leaving either, as I said I've got way to much time on my hands right now and I'm going to be playing just as much (well maybe not so much as the 7+ hours a day that I racked up this week ahaha) as I have been, and I've got something special coming for the server soon too! Edit: I know it probably sounds like I have over obsessed about this and I probably have, but this gives me a peace of mind. /Requesting Lock
    • Captured the moment a terrorist bombed the streets of DarkRP.
    • Love the copy and paste from google   If he/she rejoins and continues to prop abuse, what will you do?   Are you saying you got all the information from one kill line? If they rejoin and continue to RDM, what will you do?   Nor this if you have no other staff applications.   You will need to go through and fix all your grammar issues.  Add some colour, font and space out your questions to make it more appealing. < Up to you.   ~Good Luck
    • If you have not been banned you can remove this. c:  
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