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Top donators

Name Amount
Yume Kid 320 AUD
Medi 210 AUD
Keys 170 AUD
Merry KillSwitch 170 AUD
Dead Dingo's Donga 140 AUD
Teabagger 120 AUD
BoomStick 110 AUD
♃ Kempy 100 AUD
Muffin 90 AUD
Vaox 80 AUD

This is the donation system for Monumental Gaming. It is fully automatic and you are able to buy various packages for different servers. 

Purchasing packages are considered donations, and they keep the Monumental Gaming servers running.

There are packages for our DarkRP, Prop Hunt, Deathrun, Sandbox, Sledbuild and Bunny Hop servers. 

You can also purchase credits which you can then spend at a later time. You can also purchase a package and have it go to a friend or just transfer them credits.

If you have any issues or questions, feel free to create a Support Ticket in the top right of the page.

- If you are going to donate multiple times at once on 1 server, wait until the 1st one goes through before activating the 2nd package etc. EG if you activate 5 packages within a minute or two, it'll probably only process it once. If this happens contact a Super Admin or ikoN.
- If you are going to buy credits for someone else - make sure they have first signed in to this system, before doing it, so that an account is created for them.