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    "One should never fear threats. It's like with a dog. A dog senses when somebody is afraid of it, and bites. The same applies [with humans]. If you become jittery, they will think that they are stronger." - Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
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  1. As far as I'm concerned an event that is nothing but a stupendous inconvenience to your friends over the water isn't one at all. He's right you know
  2. Sweet as, look forward to seeing you there
  3. Righto I know certain faggots are pulling people into funerals prematurely for tributes before MGs inevitable death. This Ceremony is an official Father Lenin provided Church Service, occurring on Saturday 7PM NZT, 5PM AEST, incorporated into this will be an official farewell to ikoN, Dyoh, and other Staff Members that will not be jumping through the rabbit hole with us. This will be on Slipway Servers DarkRP. If people relevant to this could show up for it, that'd be great, don't wanna farewell someone that's not fucking on. People may be getting tired of the cliché, but this idea has been going through refinement through the past couple of weeks and will be going ahead as planned that it would occur 1-2 days after ikoN's farewell post. Do come on, and also, I will be giving 10K on the new server to the person that convinces inactive OG cunts to come on for it, if its multiple people it'll be split, but in the first few weeks that money will be useful, see you around!
  4. Fuck man, cheers for literally everything, MG was legitimately, like crack. I sincerely thank you for your services to a community that will continue to thrive in remembrance of MG and in continuance of the legacy that you have left on all of us. I hope to see you jump on the new servers from time to time, even if only briefly. Fuck, there's a lot of shit I could write in here, but I'll keep it brief, cheers for everything. I, along with a couple of others will be holding a funeral for MG (like the TTT one) incorporated with a farewell to you, Dyoh, and the other important fullas leaving us.
  5. The last one was nothing short of a wildly mediocre pass for any form of successful standard, the rest was just a fucking flop
  6. Fark that's sick, the funeral will be good quality
  7. Are you implying the Lord Flynn has returned though?
  8. "I'll beat you harder than a Pakistani father" - Proximity "Let's be honest here, I'd fuck ph33x, Dikkus, and ikoN. It'd be an awesome foursome." - Dick Ryder
  9. Yeah I think so aye, got a bit confused because the blue box had wheels, but I guess they're the thing that make the toaster heat up
  10. nah mate, I reckon its a Motorcycle
  11. Fuck yeah cunt
  12. It's pretty sad though that he has to wait around 2 years to watch some guy (forgive me my lord ikoN) leave a community
  13. Hey there, I noticed that you used your full name in your signature, probably best not to do that for your own safety as there may be some typically nefarious people circling around communities that may try to exploit that.