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  1. When exactly is the switchover happening?
  2. Looks Sweet! Am I able to get a signature (It’s all good if not)
  3. I say we call it Monumental Gaming. Very original
  4. Until about a year ago Justin and I were obsessed to Minecraft (Shoot Me) we were constantly playing everyday on a game mode called factions. I bought gmod looking new for more games to play and eventually Justin bought it as well. We still played Minecraft a lot though until one day I got perm banned. We then started playing a shitty sandbox server for a bit until one day I logged onto my computer and Justin was telling me how he found this cool server on Gmod, of cause that being Monumental Gaming DarkRP. I logged on and we had the time of our lives. On our first day I remember we were on evil melon basing in some 2 storey store selling 1h guns as a merchant thinking you couldn’t get 2h ones and growing weed in the top. From then on we learnt how to play properly and got hooked. I would like to thank first of all ikoN for creating and keeping stable such as great community and allowing me to have so much fun on GMod. And Ph33x for doing and excellent job and managing and developing th DarkRP server. Also the staff members for keeping the community cleaned up and making the experience a whole lot better. And finally the players for being apart of the community and making the whole experience fun as without all you players MG would be ALOT more boring. Peace ikoN - Jaydon
  5. Not really active anymore. Kinda drifting away from Gmod /requestinglock
  6. We should be roasting Juke’s mother for not getting him aborted
  7. The only thing harder than getting Roger Roberson to resist doxing someone once a day is your dick during your many wet dreams of Ph33x.
  8. Xbox > PlayStation any day
  9. Thank fuck this smelly bastard is gone. jk see you when your back. Behave you little shit maybe finally you will be able to over take my level on GTA 😂😂
  10. Thanks for the help. I joined MG Sandbox briefly and it seemed to fix it. I will try this out if it happens again.
  11. i have installed windows 10 using bootcamp and now I get "Lua Panic Error" thats when running windows