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  1. I'm right you know
  2. Nah, you can't keep Lenin away from his events. This is happening.
  3. Lenin you legend.
  4. Prepare for the swarm and for the storm.
  5. ikoN, what you've done hasn't been a welcome surprise to just you, it's been amazing for everyone and I think I speak for the community in saying thankyou. You've changed peoples lives. That isn't easy. I, among many others, wish you the best for your future. But this isn't the end. The immense amount of work I've seen in keeping this community alive has been amazing, and it has been quite humbling to have been a part of it. That kind of work doesn't appear for something less than exceptional, and I'm almost certain it's the first I've seen of it in any gaming community. Thanks for all you've done for Monumental as a whole. See ya round ikoN.
  6. Nah those are the toaster's wheels. They normally use them for drifting 'n' stuff.
  7. Yeah, just looked at the picture again, convinced it's a toaster.
  8. From what I can see it's pretty much everything for the server: Motherboard, drives, RAM, CPU, what looks like a heatsink and the rest is probably in the box.
  9. What kind of outcome are you expecting after saying that in a thread of sympathetic people sad to see it go? If you don't like a server, don't make an account on it's forums just to piss people off.
  10. Good luck finishing that, the reason RP maps are so scarce is due to the immense amount of work they require. People leave fast, or make unfinished maps that are annoying to play. I'm looking at you every person that ripped off of the rp_downtown_v4c_v2 design.
  11. It's been a good run. We'll see how it goes from here. As for ph33x's servers, I'm sure they have the potential to become something even more than Monumental was. Thanks for everything ikoN.
  12. 📉
  13. I wasted around 10 minutes of my life but I tried.
  14. oh jesus no
  15. Boy do I love watching 480p videos that have a massive black border half of the time, really fills up my massive 15x15 metre CRT monitor from 1973, good to see some videos that can really use its full potential! P.S. is it normal to have 3 ears? I heard about radiation but I don't believe in it.