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  1. The music video is wierd af but the song is on point.
  2. ok, thank you, i do read the rules but i dont know the things that can crash a server and what cannot. Im going to do my best and be ALOT more careful on sandbox since this has happened twice already. (my boredom and clumsiness do not mix well)
  3. I seriously find this incredibly strange. Even though that is my exact steam id i have no memory of doing it. IM SORRY I JUST REMEMBERED SOMETHING, ok so i do remember doing that, i didnt pay attention to the date, sorry. now there was no direct reason, i wasnt planning on breaking the server or anything i was just bored. i think i just assumed it was for no reason because the ban came 3 days later. Again, im am terribly sorry for the inconvinience.
  4. i wasnt talking about dividing by 0, infact i was alone on a server, i joined and realized noone was there so i left like a message saying "if you can read this i know you are watching me" or something and thats what i did only today
  5. i seriously do not remember doing that at all, i don't even remember being on the server at the time. i also checked the ban list and it says "TheRedHaven" and in the blocked part of that "TheRedRaven". There must be some kind of mistake.
  6. thanks for explaining it, but it doesnt show anything about me getting banned from asndbox only dark rp, its not even my name, bloody "TheRedHaven"
  7. Ban AppealIn Game Name: TheRedRavenSteamID: STEAM_0:1:118702063Server you were banned on: Sand Box, Dark Rp When were you banned: Today around 3:00 How long you were banned for: Permanently, Unstated Admin that banned you: ph33x, Unstated What happened: I wasnt even playing on either of the servers and i was banned for apparently "ragdoll abuse" and for the sandbox server, it didnt show in the ban list BUT it still says Im banned when I join Why you think you should be unbanned: Because I didn't do anything.
  8. I know, and i still dont care about it, as stated im just curious why.
  9. I know I said i hate it and I don't really care, but seriously? Permanently and for rag-doll abuse. when I wasn't even on the server. Again, I don't really care but I'm just curious why.
  10. I cant be bothered, too busy not being bothered

  11. neat, i swear i just got in trouble by you on DarkRP
  12. Its just full of people who twists the rules and tricks you into getting in trouble.
  13. Um, stupid prick, good in PAC, not good in Wire. Um, hates DarkRP?.. Hates a good certain amount of the worlds population and uh, i like eggs and purposely making speling misteaks Likes the colour red Lonely AF Likes this font because i hate people :]
  14. In Game Name: TheRedRaven SteamID: STEAM_0:1:118702063 Server you were banned on: Monumental Gaming | Sandbox When were you banned: Around 6:12 How long you were banned for: Permanently Admin that banned you: I believe it was the console and not the admin. What happened: I accidentally tried to use the precision tool to prop pull an object 100000 units. Why you think you should be unbanned: Because I didn't realize that it would crash the server.