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  1. Woah Partner!
  2. Yeah we should add "Judge" to make it cool and even to make it realistic or the court room but yeah!, We will see!
  3. We have jails, and a police station, but what about adding a court and add a job called "Judge". I think it would be a cool idea to add a court and a judge job in DarkRP, And maybe put some security guards in there and police officers, It will be cool. So What do you guys think?
  4. BUMPED! Changed Time, Add a little bit more elaboration, tidy up
  5. Okay man, sorry about that when i bumped my app a week ago, i forgot to add a bump reply thats all
  6. BUMPED! i had to change my play time. It was wrong by accident, and i added a url! Aslo just had to tidy up the app
  7. That event was awesome dude!
  8. Hello guys, today is my 3 year celebration on Monumental Sandbox! I joined sandbox on the 15 of June 2014, And through out these years, you guys gave me a good role model, i feel welcomed here and then 3 years later on February 7th, i joined Monumental Forums! But all i can say is, thank you guys so much for being in my path and making me feel welcome!, I know we have some ups and downs but all and all, Thank you guys so much for making me feel welcome and a member here and hopefully in a few months or so, ill be staff and help out with people:) THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! ❤
  9. It sure is buddy
  10. Sorry about that and all metal songs are not always fast
  11. Okay, that's fine buddy. People have their own opinions and the bass that is distorted is actually a 8 string guitar muted by hand but yeah, hopefully i will make something sounds a bit better. Anyway that's fine man
  12. I have been working on this for hours and it is finally done! Its a deathcore song called "Phenomenal Chaos". And i decided to name my artist name "BiRDiE Entertainment" hence my rank name "Entertainment BiRDiE". My first album is "Contamination Festation Problem", Festation is just short for "Infestation". Now i put the song in this post, You dont have to like it im fine with that. Anyways, put your reactions in the reply's! WARNING:THIS VIDEO IS ONLY FOR METAL HEADS VIEWERS DISCRETION IS ADVISED
  13. BUMPED! Changed time, Changed colours, changed the theory :)
  14. So in the future, what other updates will be introduced? Because, if noticed everyday that DarkRP is changing a lot, So what other things will be added or changed or updated? For example, the police station moved, he government building was added, cars are now introduced to the server. So please comment, any plans for any more updates or when or what your going to add or change next please!
  15. Oh Okay, So hotels and motels are just hidden in and around the map?