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  1. Nature, bitches love nature. [Trees/bushes/grass n shit] Sewer system Better road variety [More turns and exits/entrances to each section] Would make car chases more interesting in my opinion More buildings with rooftops Night time/Day time rotation [Not sure if you can do that, but would still be cool] A more realistic structure, look more modern day exterior/interior, downtown just gives off this cartoonish vibe for me Literally anything but downtown.
  2. I vote for 2 cans attached by a string as the form of communication.
  3. "You don't make friends with salad" - Marge Simpson
  4. Makin' it rain boiissss
  5. The majority of the playerbase consists of users aged 18 or lower which means they go to school. That means they usually have to get off at a respectable time. You'll noticed that during the weekends at night the server is much more lively. Other than getting rid of school all together, I feel as if there's not much we can do to fix this problem.
  6. I'd vote yes, only because of you have the same name as my dog. Other than that, horrible answers tbh.
  7. Really into Childish Gambino at the moment.
  8. Damn it, you didn't get a screenshot of when the bus despawned and i self destructed and killed like 9 people ;(
  9. Ingame name: Kermit DePhrog Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:106618253 What server would you like to enter for: DarkRP
  10. Because if you steal a meth cooks printer, he can still cook meth. Stealing a meth cooks oven, prevents him from cooking meth.
  11. The rule clearly states "You cannot steal items which are crucial for someones job, they may be destroyed however" Where it states that: * These items include microphones, bomb generators, meth cookware, etc. Is merely an example. The oven is not only crucial, It's literally the most vital part of a meth cooks business... It doesn't matter what you refer it as. It's illegal to steal no matter how you look at it.
  12. current state

    Just a personal preference of mine, if you weren't the one that went through the trouble of tazing/cuffing the suspect, don't arrest the suspect... Leave it up to the person who went through all the trouble of subduing the suspect. I can't count the amount of times I've tazed/cuffed someone just for another cop to come along and arrest them straight away, eliminating the chance of them being able to pay bail to avoid being arrested. Also, another thing that needs to be worked on is bail situations. There needs to be some sort of minimum bail set as a server rule as I've witnessed multiple times, a mayor accepting a $1 bail from a hitman who killed multiple cops. One more thing, if you didn't arrest the person, unless you're mayor, you can't accept the prisoners bail... People seem to forget that one.
  13. Server Time (relevant for logs): 7:30AM Your RP job: Citezen Entity (if applicable): Enemy job (if applicable): Comments about bug: World doors/peoples props are can be interacted with via phys gun.
  14. They're back up, that's the main thing ;D
  15. I genuinely feel bad for you. You had such great dupes. May we RIP for Chuck.