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  1. Bump. Eager as a beaver.
  2. BUMP! Updated: Money and Server Time Still eager for the position.
  3. Still Really Keen. Updated my money and server time.
  4. Don't bother asking where I got my law degree from...
  5. xXMonumentalReloaded|NEED STAFF| 70+JOBS|26 PRINTERS|100k START|NEW!!|
  6. - I was not being a smartass (I don't see why you think that) - I was not lying (If summarising the 5 minute conversation is lying, then I lied) - I was not aiming a gun for no reason (if you let me explain, he was pushing in line, that is what started everything) - I don't believe this thread should be locked - I did nothing wrong. - I have got nearly two weeks on this server. I VERY RARELY break the rules, and even if I do it's not on purpose. o I am going to extent your ban because you keep saying that Alex said "Shoot me please" when you had your gun out at him for no reason - Your going to extend* my ban because of what you thought I did originally? - It wasn't for no reason, if you had listened, I could have explained the whole story. YOU pissed me off - You were actually quite triggered, and yelling, as soon as you teleported me You have no proof what so ever to cover your appeal - I have two witnesses. If only I had time to get to the second one, without you jumping onto !menu. talking over you? You were typing in chat mate I gave you multiple chances at talking no sorry TYPING. - I was explaining myself and you were like 'NONONON mayte dont lie' (very loudly I must say) - Let me type me story, before jumping to conclusions. Finally, I must say. Why were you so angry, and why did you take Alex Forza's side, before anything had been discussed? Very disrespectful indeed.
  7. Ban AppealIn Game Name: Gustavo PollosSteamID: 76561198081556448Server you were banned on: DarkRP When were you banned: 7th July(today) 5:25pm (ish) How long you were banned for: One Day I believe. Admin that banned you: Nick Valentine What happened: Alex Forza accused me of RDM. I killed him because he asked me to. I brought one witness who agreed with everything I said. As I offered to bring another witness I was banned without a chance. The talk went for a while. Nick constantly talking over me and being biased towards Alex Forza. Reason Given: Lying in the sit multiple times | RDM | Being a smartass | ~Valentine Why you think you should be unbanned: I feel I didn't get a chance to fully explain myself. And I have not broken any rules. My friend, Wilhelm Rictofen, was 'accidentally banned' because we had similar names at the time. Nick admits this, but my friend is YET to be unbanned. In Summary: I have not broken any rules, I was not able to explain myself fully. Thanks for considering.
  8. Spiral saw him prop surfing, and gave him a warning or something. But then he left. And the guy continued to RDA, RDM, and Prop push/surf. The only evidence I have are the 3 respectable players that saw it.
  9. Someone Called Joe Mann is also prop pushing everyone ID: STEAM_0:1:149642618
  10. His name: Jordan Goldman Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:91315931 Reason: RDA, RDM, PROP PUSHING. Snow blue, maia ryder, and spiral saw what he was doing.Insert other media Thanks
  11. His Name: Jordan Goldman Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:91315931 What He's Doing: It's pretty late, but still lots of players on. The last staff member just left. And this guy is constantly prop pushing cars and people. Spiral warned him, but then he left. Maia Ryder Saw the whole thing. and Spiral saw a portion Thanks
  12. I was reading through some of the recent suggestions, and noticed that the running theme of the staff's opinion revolved around keeping the server realistic. After reading this, I started to notice minor things in the game, that could be tweaked to add to this realism. 1) Fall Damage Issue: Seeing people casually jumping off four story buildings is pretty crazy, especially when there is no consequence. Solution: Players could take fall damage. Or, maybe a system could be implemented in which player's legs could break? This would stop players from jumping of buildings without giving it a second thought. 2) Stamina Issue: Unrealistic fitness levels. Solution: I am aware that the stamina system fixes the gooses that jump around when being arrested, stuffing up the taze system. But the sprint time of the player is much too short. You can not run down to the end of the street without resorting to a slow walk. A solution to this issue would be to increase the amount of stamina that the jumps take, and reduce the amount of stamina that running takes. This would stop people from bunnyhopping, but allow them to run for a realistic amount of time. 3) Wallets Issue: Being able to drop money on the ground implies that you are holding it. However when you die, it simply stays in your wallet. Solution: Drop wallet money on ground upon death, or drop a percentage. This mechanic would encourage players to use the ATM machines, and give value to their life. FearRP would no longer be a simple rule, it would have a large impact on the players wealth. Obviously I don't expect all of these changes to be implemented, if any. But I'm just putting my suggestions/perspective out there, as a regular player on the server. Thanks in advance for considering.
  13. I think a counter terrorism job would be great! Terrorists are free to walk up to large crowds with bombs and do their thing, and if you call them out, it's meta gaming. It would be cool to have some sort of police job that can maybe recognise these dangerous situations, and prevent a terrorist attack, rather than waiting for it to happen.
  14. I have noticed many players getting stuck in cars lately. Including myself. It has a really negative impact, as you are vulnerable to gunshots, and must call an admin or kill yourself. Although sometimes it allows you to get back into your car, this is not always the case.