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  1. Ban Request In Game Name: jakeb jenkins SteamID:STEAM_0:0:141637384 Your SteamID:STEAM_0:1:157993051 What server: Dark Rp What happened: This jakeb jenkins guy was a thief and he raided the gun store owner next to me without calling, when he died he changed to a ninja and returned to the area and was RDM'ing me and Carlos Villunger(the gun store owner) even though he had died so he was breaking nlr after dying a few more times he then changed to swat then returned to the gun store and submitted a false search warrant then broke into the store killed Carlos and stole his printer. Screenshots (if you have any): Videos / Demos (if you have one): Witnesses: Carlos Villunger
  2. He has been doing the same thing to me recently and its very annoying
  3. Ban AppealIn Game Name: Scone SconesonSteamID: Server you were banned on: Dark RP When were you banned: Sat 17 June How long you were banned for: 1 Day Admin that banned you: Lenin What happened: I got banned for "rdm" when I raided because the owner of the base was seen as not a threat. Why you think you should be unbanned: When I did the raid the person inside had a knife and I saw that as an immediate threat so I killed them because I had low hp at as well so i was scared. P.S I know its only one day but Im in love with the game and really want to play with my friends while they are on.