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  1. Oh ok thanks
  2. K I redid it
  3. Oh woops ill redo. Was it alright tho?
  4. I feel like this wont get accepted.
  5. Hello! I would REALLY love to become mod. In Game - End Steam ID - STEAM_0:0:142487044 Age: 10 Microphone: Nope, Not yet. Time on Garry's Mod - 408 hours. Time on Monumental Sandbox - 1 day 20 hours 26 minutes 1 second What Monumental servers do you usually play on? - Sandbox and Death run. Have you had any previous administration experience? - No, I haven't What's the capital of Ecuador: Quito Theory: [*]A person spawns and starts prop pushing everyone around the map. What do you do: 1st Warning kick 2nd permanent ban. [*]Two players call you over and accuse each other of minging that you didn't witness. What do you do: Tell them to go away from each other or kick. [*]A player joins and starts threatening to crash the server, what do you do: 1st warning - kick 2nd warning - permanent ban. Why do you want to be Moderator: Have you ever been banned from Monumental's servers before? No. Add extra comments that you think should be included if need be: I'm nice to others. I encourage others with their builds. Please also include every link to all of your previous Monumental moderator applications (this applies to all servers, include deathrun/sledbuild/otherwise applications) - Sandbox - Mod Application - - Agreement: By completing this application you agree to have read the rules thoroughly and understand them clearly, you understand if any rules are broken whilst your application is being reviewed during the 2 week review time your application may void and risk being denied or removed. You understand that by submitting your application you are committing to monumental gaming and swear to always do the best thing for the community/server. You MUST understand the rules clearly and MUST following them, this cannot be stressed enough for potential mods. You agree if you ever nagg/winge/pester admin/mods to look at your application or to give you mod/admin, your application will be denied. You have read the agreement and understand the conditions of submitting your application. Yes Signature: EA