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  1. Thanks for the kind welcome. I think one day I'll play on each monumental server (or whatever the new name will be) and BATMAN is my favourite DC hero.
  2. I don't know what you're trying to say.
  3. My username is Troll_Dude123. I know it's a terrible username. I pretty much only play on Sandbox. I can be an annoyance at times so please forgive me if I do something bad to you. I'm very good at math and I get high marks so guess I'm a nerd. I'm not very popular in school or online so don't notice me. I'm running out of things to say but I'll go on for 3 more lines. I think this server s awesome and has great justice? I also wear glasses when I need them so I guess that adds on to me being a nerd and before I leave... have a great day. Valve = Volvo
  4. Hey I'd like if some of these maps and other stuff are added even if it's just one. If none are added I'll rage and set my house on fire. Actually I probably wouldn't care, but it would be amazing if one was added gm_bigcity: gm_transport: gm_fork: gm_highway: gm_dockyard: Effect: Double Jump: Vehicles: WAC Aircraft: (There are also more to sub add ons to WAC Aircraft) Batman Scars: TARDIS: (old version but has more controls) TARDIS Rewrite: (New version, has less controls, still in works but has lots more sub addons) I don't know if any of these will be accepted but I hope at least one does. -Troll_Dude123 I should probably make a signature or something.
  5. addon

    I agree with adding this
  6. This just got Bumped
  7. Can you add the resizer tool. It will be extremely useful to builds. I'll leave a link to the mod.
  8. Hey ikoN Good luck on whatever you do next have a great life and don't get hit by a bus. Game on!
  9. Appreciate the feed back.
  10. Moderator Application General Information:In Game Name(List all known aliases): Troll_Dude123 Aliases: None SteamID / Profile Link: Age:13 Do you have a mic? If so, how often do you use it often:Yes I do have a mic. However I don't use I often. Total Garry's Mod time played: (updated everyday) 192 hours 202 hours 212 hours 228 hours 231 hours 238 hours 244 hours 246 hours 253 hours 260 hours 268 hours 276 hours 279 hours 282 hours Total time played on this server: (updated everyday) 2 days and 5 hours 2 days and 15 hours 3 days and 5 hours 3 days and 11 hours 3 days and 14 hours 3 days and 20 hours 4 days and 2 hours 4 days and 4 hours 4 days and 8 hours 4 days and 15 hours 4 days and 22 hours 5 days and 5 hours 5 days and 8 hours 5 days and 10 hours Which Monumental servers do you usually play on? I only play on the sandbox server. Have you had any previous administration experience: No. What's the capital of Ecuador: Quito. Theory: [*]A person spawns and starts prop pushing everyone around the map. What do you do: I teleport them away from other players and jail them. I'll talk to them and tell them that you're not allowed to do prop push because it it is minging, and minging is against the rules. I'll tell them thats a warning and if they do it again it will be a kick. If they do it again I'll kick them. If they rejoin and continue to do it it's a 1 hour ban. [*]Two players call you over and accuse each other of minging that you didn't witness. What do you do: I'll listen to both of their stories while checking it with the logs. If one person is 100% correct then the other person will receive a warning. I'll also spectate them to see if they do it again. If they do, do it again it's a kick or a warning if it's another player. If the kicked player rejoins and continue to minge it's a 1 hour ban. [*]A player joins and starts threatening to crash the server, what do you do: I'll will permanent ban them because threatening to crash the server is a serious offence. Why do you want to be Moderator: I would like to be moderator because most of the times I'm on (which is late at night) there are no moderators, admins or super admins online. There have been countless times where I've seen users join the game and spam props, minge or try to crash the server. So I'd like to apply for mod so I can be night duty for the server. Have you ever been banned from Monumental's servers before? No. Add extra comments that you think should be included if need be: As I'm age of 13 I can't always be online, I still have lots of homework during school days and other important stuff to do. The only times I can be online are during public holidays or during school days for a few hours. Also during school days, on Monday and Thursday I might be unable to play. Agreement: By completing this application you agree to have read the rules thoroughly and understand them clearly, you understand if any rules are broken whilst your application is being reviewed during the 2 week review time your application may void and risk being denied or removed. You understand that by submitting your application you are committing to monumental gaming and swear to always do the best thing for the community/server. You MUST understand the rules clearly and MUST following them, this cannot be stressed enough for potential mods. You agree if you ever nagg/winge/pester admin/mods to look at your application or to give you mod/admin, your application will be denied. You have read the agreement and understand the conditions of submitting your application. Signature: Troll Dude123