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  1. Attention all staff: This is a Tit for tat mid night situation. It all started with the fearRP of James John, which Dikkis Shruged off as a little clash. after that we left you alone to follow Dikkis, as we returned we were attacked verbally and you guys continued to provoke and abuse us. we gave you shit as well as you giving us shit. RDM< NLR< FearRP< the list could go on, we have pictures of you basing as a terrorist with a Gopnik, After Dikkis left it was chaos amongst the hole server. if your going to be so insolent to Report us when you and your boyfriend James John started it, i find it pathetic. 1. Your story is wrong, yes we did shoot you but that was after you RDM'D Nicholas about 15 minutes after we tried to steal your car, Please organise yourselves before making a horrible ban appeal. 2. I know im on a fine line and i know breaking rules to defend myself against these people is not a smart choice. That being said these late night traumas have been going on for a very Long time. We have screenshots of them breaking rules but don't want to take any actions on them. I think all this shit should be dropped and we leave each other alone within the server. If anything else is needed please message me or contact me in game. Sorry for hurting your feelings Mean Beanhello, yoursn sincerely Thomas Ryder.
  2. Ingame name: Thomas Ryder SteamID/Community Profile: STEAM_0:0:68824980 Server/s applicable: Dark RP Server ULX Rank/s: Respected Server UTime: 5 days Are you part way through a months worth of donator access? (yes/no) No Has your donator rank been returned to you rank since the weekend? (yes/no/NA) NA Ingame Currency: 700k Proof of server UTime [Recent screenshot, Gametracker record, valid Mod App]:
  3. Thanks Lovely
  4. I was unbanned recently all my playtime and coin was gone. i had around 5 days played and a neat cash stack. I think i lost it due to the hack that monumental suffered from. Wanted to get game time and cash back. or at least respected so i can RP to fullest extent
  5. Shit hot. Thanks sir, wont happen again (Note;) attempted to join but still banned = Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:68824980
  6. Ban Appeal In Game Name: Thomas Ryder SteamID: STEAM_0:0:68824980 Server you were banned on: Darkrp When were you banned: maybe 3-4 months ago How long you were banned for: Permanently Admin that banned you: Daddy Ph33x What happened: It is an extremely Long story, of a string of players/ mini community within, one night when heavily intoxicated I decided to verbally attack Ph33x for no real reason, these idiotic actions chosen by me got me banned, my ban was deserved and shall go down in history as one of the biggest multi group bans around. Why you think you should be unbanned: I don't have much to say as I do not except to get unbanned let alone taken seriously. I would like to be unbanned due to the fact the lack of actually playable servers out there. and for the Quality RP/ Set up this server has. I know what I have done was extremely wrong and I should not be forgiven but am sincerely sorry, I am traveling to Korea in 1 month and would like to spend some time on this server building and role playing before I turn into an Asian. I apply and apologize for my actions and not from the rest of the players said in the earlier question. we have all distance ourselves since the breakup, I mainly talk to Cancerous Nicholas White. 2nd chances will not be taken for granted and I won't do something so irresponsible again. Roger Rogerson was once banned. why not old me eh. Sorry Ph33x I love you, I will always come crawling back to you. (Note:) if needed I can join TeamSpeak for further discussion. Thanks for your time, yours sincerely Thomas Ryder.