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  2. Ban Appeal In Game Name: Warlock Greg SteamID: STEAM_0:0:189217395 Server you were banned on: DarkRP When were you banned: Friday 1:52pm How long you were banned for: Permenately Admin that banned you: Bobara What happened: I joined the session, 45 minutes later I wanted to be a Police Officer, I was cruising down the street when I came across a building being destroyed from the inside out. I come over the a guy holding a AK, I take necessary precautions and I stunned him. As I go to handcuff this particular player, I was killed by his gang. Next thing I know, I am banned, an admin did not come to me, did not tell me what I did wrong. I was just permanently banned. Why you think you should be unbanned: I believe I should be unbanned because I enjoy playing on this DarkRP server. I have donated twice because I love it, I have been a tiny bit mingy and I will admit it but I have not threatened to DDOS the server at all. Why would I do that to a server that I donate to. I admit to my actions and I have learnt the consequences for them. I had more than a few drinks last night, I should've gotten off earlier. Been dealing with my depressive mother after her mum grandma passed. So I have been drinking a lot. But I will stop when I play monumental Gaming