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  1. Peter Kransky to admins: make a paper plane with "Play some decent music" written on it and throw it across the fence Nick Valentine to admins: Wait i will make a paper plane and make it say "go back to ur country" brb
  2. Okay, so this is going to be my side of the story of what happened in this situation:- So basically, I got on the server, 17 players on, not a problem with anything. Around 20 minutes in the server, I decided to become the Admin On Duty job. So I am doing my job, being cloaked, noclipping around the server patrolling making sure that the server is clean and there is nothing fishy happening. I did that for like half an hour, then I go to a sit, took around like 2 minutes to do, then I finish. I go afk for 2 minutes to get a drink of water and then come back, Leonid Hax (Thief) calls an admin from the admin chat, so then I teleport to him, and already, I am seeing Leonid Hax (Thief) lockpicking Green Guy's (Gun Dealer) door, and already, I am seeing Green Guy (Gun Dealer) spamming his keys, locking his door while Leonid Hax (Thief) is lockpicking to break into his store. So I tell Green Guy (Gun Dealer) that "you're not allowed to spam your keys, locking your door while a guy is trying to lockpick to break in", and then Green Guy (Gun Dealer) replies "Oh ok". "Sorry". So then I continue on what I have to do is !warn him, then after I warn him, I follow Leonid Hax (Thief) upstairs, then I see that Green Guy (Gun Dealer) is problocking upstairs so no one can reach to his printer, so then as soon as Green Guy (Gun Dealer) see's me looking at his prop, he then removes it and then I don't respond because he did the right thing and removed it, but he also did the wrong thing in the first place by propblocking it, so then Leonid Hax (Thief) gravity gunned the printer, running downstairs, and THEN another thing I see Green Guy (Gun Dealer) doing, is propblocking his pistol shipments, how did I know? Simple, I used the Admin Keypad Checker to see if he was problocking it because Leonid was complaining about that as well, so then guess what, I see that the prop contains 0 keypads and it doesn't fade, so then I noclip through, pocket the shipments and then gave it to Leonid Hax (Thief). Then Leonid Hax (Thief) is running outside his shop with his printer, then 2 seconds later, Green Guy (Gun Dealer) leave the server to avoid his printer getting stolen, so that is another rule he has broken. This is my input on my side of the story, Thanks for reading, ~Spiral. /requesting lock.
  3. It's been fun being in this community for 2-3 years, alot of memories from the past few years. All of your hard work and dedication towards this community has made it great and made it to something big. I hope you have fun in your future and goodluck. ~Spiral.
  4. Unbanned! - Don't Prop spam out of anger next time ok bro. If you find someone breaking rules just call an admin or if there are no staff online, just make a ban request. /requesting lock.
  5. Use the correct format: You put this into the wrong section, this is where you put it: http://monumentalgaming.net/index.php?/forum/13-ban-requests/
  6. John Cena with some Moles
  7. Likewise 😂
  8. Bump can only by made 7 days after your last post. Good luck Dick, ~Spiral
  9. Nah not into men, man don't take it literally, but hit me up if you want to
  10. I'll suck you off if you get staff
  11. And take my wallet with it as well
  12. @Vaox @Kermit DePhrog @Mongrel Yoza (Ray) Just chilling with our preciousness.
  13. Bump! Updated Wallet | Bank. Updated Playtime. Still very interested in Moderator position!
  14. Bump! Updated Wallet | Bank. Updated Playtime. Still very interested in Moderator position!