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  1. Thread music in spoiler: Well the end of MG is less than 24 hours away. It's been a fun ride, and I hope the vast majority of you have had a great time here. I certainly have enjoyed the experience. For those that may not have read the previous announcement, ph33x will be officially launching a new community tomorrow which will be timed when the MG servers shut. The MG DarkRP, Prop Hunt, Sandbox and Bunny Hop servers will essentially continue under this new community. So the spirit of MG and the community will live on, and I look forward to stopping by over there once in a while to see how everyone is going. I found this old post from a few years ago on how MG essentially came to be, which you can see below. It was crazy to see Monumental become so popular so quickly. There was never any intention for it to be popular, we just wanted to have an Aus BuildRP server to play on. We didn't even have a forum until almost 3 weeks after we started, due to people starting to ask about donating and how to apply for staff. It has always been the community which has driven us forward. We were reluctant to change from our desired form of DarkRP at the time which was BuildRP. We didn't really want to become a proper RP server (with maps like bangclaw and downtown), like all the other DarkRP servers. But it was clear the people wanted it so we did. This led on to getting the dedicated server as donations could pay for it, which led on to starting deathrun as we had the room for it on the dedicated server. And then that led on to starting more servers because we could and people wanted them. My point is we wouldn't have made it this far if it wasn't for the community. This has been an awesome community with a lot of great people in it. I may have lost interest in playing Gmod regularly years ago but I didn't lose interest in serving the community and doing what I can to help it move forward. Until now anyway. I need to move on. I said I would write up a big post thanking people but there is too many people over the years to mention, and I don't want to forget anyone or make anyone feel left out. So I would just like to thank everyone who has been apart of MG, all the regulars who have played, all the people who've donated to keep the servers up, all the staff that have kept order on the site and servers, all the developers who have helped shape the servers over the years, all the server managers who have helped with the burden, all the people who don't game anymore but still come by to see how it's all going. You're all awesome. When I see people talk of their own personal benefits from being apart of MG, such as making awesome new friends, having people to talk to, escaping the real world, helping with depression and so on... it makes me really proud. Seeing something ADTR & I started years ago lead to that is fantastic. So thank you. Peace, ikoN~
  2. [14:08:09] Spiral Adam: !warn green Spamming keys on a door to prevent getting lockpicked [14:08:19] Leonid Hax killed Green Guy using player [14:09:48] Dropped "Green Guy" from server<STEAM_0:1:61875872>
  3. Thanks to everyone for their kind words. As I said I will make a proper post thanking everyone when the time comes. I will pop by every now and then to see how everyone is going
  4. Hello Towards the end of the month I will be retiring from any responsibility I have with Gmod, and I will also be closing MG. ADTR and I started MG 4 and a half years ago and it is crazy to see it go for so long. When this happens ph33x will launch a new community, and will continue to host the current RP, Sandbox and other servers under this new name. ph33x has been preparing for this in the lead up so that there will be a seamless transition for everyone when it happens. I am sure ph33x has many big plans for this, such as more servers and expanding to other games. I feel this is the best option to allow the community to move forward and expand. If you have any questions about this transition and what will happen after, it is best to speak to ph33x. Any donations this month will be going to ph33x to pay for future dedicated server bills. There is no major intention by ph33x to change staff around. I will also be leaving the MG site up for a few months, possibly in read only mode, after this happens. I will make a better farewell/thank you post when the time comes. I just wanted to give everyone the heads up on what will be happening. Cheers everyone ikoN~ tldr; MG brand/site will be closing, ph33x will continue community under new name end of month.
  5. I am happy to award some donator prizes if you like 1st place - 3 month sandbox donator 2nd place - 2 month sandbox donator 3rd place - 1 month sandbox donator
  6. The servers are all back, these are the main side effects: DarkRP Adv Dupes are gone utime set back to May 2016 Ranks reset Prop Hunt Pointshop set back to May 2016 utime set back to March 17 2017 Ranks reset Deathrun utime set back to May 2016 Ranks reset Sandbox utime set back to March 17 2017 Adv Dupes set back to March 17 2017 Sledbuild utime set back to March 17 2017 Bunny Hop Times set back to March 17 2017 utime set back to March 17 2017
  7. mace windu ftw
  8. So you mean just being able to have more than 1 knife in your loadout so you can swap between them in a round? It can be done and I don't see any harm to this
  9. You weren't exploded, the only time you got exploded was at 3PM like 6 hours before this incident by Oran.