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  1. Something that is sadly leaving in my life, met many people during the time I was on, sad to see this go.
  2. Server Time (relevant for logs): 8:16 P.M. Your RP job: Highway Patrol (Could apply to all jobs) Entity (if applicable): Police Cruiser 2 (May apply to all cars) Enemy job (if applicable): NA Comments about bug: If you have armour and your vehicle is shot at your armour will decrease.
  3. Banned. Next time put it in the correct location and format. http://monumentalgaming.net/index.php?/forum/13-ban-requests/
  4. Confirmed and banned.
  5. It has been an evident coming, sadly it had to come to end at some time, luckily ph33x can continue and expand the community further. Farewell and all the best in the future ikoN.
  6. If you want this player banned you need evidence. And why is there a ban request if a staff member was online?
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    Location is Caloundra looking out to Bribie Island. Displaying IMG_6911.JPG

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  10. Unless it is just me, your video is unavailable.
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  12. Server Time (relevant for logs): 20/6/17 Your RP job: Thief Entity (if applicable): Door Comments about bug: You can not unlock a door with the lock pick. It will finish lock pick but will remain locked (likewise with fading windows/doors).
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  14. Server Time (relevant for logs): 6:48 Your RP job: Citizen Enemy job (if applicable): Hitman Comments about bug: (Logs) When placing hits the complete and accept is backwards. [Wed 14/06/2017 18:33:21] (Hits) <Hitman> completed a hit from <Order> on <Hit on> (When the hit is placed it says completed when it is completed it says accepted)