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  1. Bumps can only be done every 7 DAYS. Not to be rude but I'm gonna be honest with you. I would lock this for now and wait for the new servers to come out being on your best behaviour. Then when the new servers are up, start bumping again your application again (You could even consider giving it a bit longer). Good luck!
  2. Hey, Whenever you get problems like this just go to steam discussions (, and put in what message you're getting. In your case -! Looking through these threads a lot of them had people linking this thread (This is for Source Film Maker so he could have something different) - Reading what he said below he was messing around with element viewer. This may have nothing to do with your issue, just saying it because it may remind you of something you did. Another thing people were saying is that it is a memory problem - You may have joined a server with a lot of addons and it's filled up your crap top. Hope this helps.
  3. The amount of people I've seen come and go is emotionally exhausting. As cheesy as it is you were by far the best manager, the only one that actually tried to make deathrun more interesting and fun. It is really gonna be different with you gone since I've known you from the start to finish and I wish you luck with everything you do in the future. <3
  4. Truly a kickass community I think we will all never forget. I remember starting in prophunt loving making new friends and becoming a regular. When I found the forums, I disappeared from prophunt and found deathrun. My new love. If any OG prophunters still out there - My IGN back then was 'zebras' then when I started donating and really getting into the community it was Donkeys(TM). In deathrun there were a fuck loads of laughs, with terrible staff, #Midget4Mod, Ownage in general, admins going AFK while mods were only on, that Yolo_Swaggings guy that lead on to get manager. Thanks to everyone for making it so awesome, and good luck to ph33x on the new community.
  5. I wasn't really there for the whole thing, I didn't really have anything to do with it. I jumped on SWAT and saw a warrant pop up for printers inside your base and went to it. I saw Valance rush into your base and assisted him. I tased you for attempting to kill Valance and another person, yiannis meme I think, for running into the raid. I cuffed both of you, yiannis meme tried escaping, arrested him. Then you ran off, arrested you. As for the guns, I have no clue why Valance took them. We destroyed the printers because they're illegal.
  6. Fill out the rest of the questions. If you get your steamid it will help a lot.
  7. Edit your ban, paste this in - Ban AppealIn Game Name: SteamID:Server you were banned on: When were you banned: How long you were banned for: Admin that banned you: What happened: Why you think you should be unbanned: Answer the questions.
  8. No.