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  1. quoting from his previous appeal: "I think that I am ready to return and not be a complete asshole like I must have been when I was banned." Well someone certainly set self expectations too high. Locking this before it devolves into a shitpost.
  2. So some shit happened on Sandbox the other day. RIP DrowsyCob
  3. the entire new community is an autocracy, so not likely.
  4. No NSFW content in public theatre rooms. I like the arcade/games room idea. but disallow vapes in theatres as they become a nuisance fast. Sandbox currently uses an addon called 'wardrobe' which allows hotloading of most playermodels from the workshop when the player 'requests' a model, meaning players will not have to download any models when joining. (seeing these models is toggleable clientside, and there is model blacklisting for admins) Easy to implement I suggest no guns at all. From my time on sandbox, it is next to impossible to enjoy a video over the sound of someone needlessly unloading magazines into the screen or your face. To tie all of the new servers together, perhaps implement serverwide announcements in the text chat that there is an event about to start on the sandbox/darkrp server, with enough notice time for players to connect. Take a leaf from the sandbox server and allow players to use the PAC 3 editor addon, for full player customisablity.
  5. Application Accepted.
  6. But thanks to ph33x, it's not over.. and won't be over for a while.
  7. This went downhill really fucking quickly.
  8. Head Adman
  9. The submaterial tool truly is a marvellous thing.
  10. Holler for unlock in the future. /Locked
  11. 23/06/17 Added the Sub-Material tool Added building and structure prop packs. 1 2
  12. Wow, I pat myself on the back when my fucking spaghetti doesn't catch fire. that's some good shit.
  13. I'd be up for it. Though I may not be available to play every single week.
  14. Un-announced and new additions. Added Jetpack, Grapple Hook and Soccer Ball entities. any issues with the models/materials/sounds, download manually from hyperlinks. Added map gm_excess_construct_13 Updated PAC3 (15/06/17)