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  1. My favourite DC hero is Meh from the emoji movie.
  2. Worked. Thank you.
  3. This is what some cars look like now and I don't know why:
  4. So you get banned the exact day the ban I gave you expires. You're not showing that you can follow the rules and be a decent member of this community. Hmmm, doesn't seem like a very good reason to unban someone.
  5. medic healers

    Maybe remove health stations and have the only health station in the suggested hospital building? This way people will have to call a medic if they don't want to walk halfway across the map, but can still heal without there being medics by going to the hospital.
  6. You've been minging over the past week or so and, to be honest, I'm sick of it. You also tried to demote me for arresting you for reckless driving. And you weren't offline at the time of the ban. Don't minge and we won't have this problem again. Your appeal is DENIED. /requestinglock
  7. A really good sewer for some good hobo RP. Not boring. Not stretched out. Also, I like evilmelon, so maybe draw inspiration from that idk.
  8. in july?
  9. It's not the speed, it just sounded too simplistic too me. There's always room to improve and learn.
  10. Sounds too distorted/static. Beat is a bit too simple.
  11. Thank you for making this amazing community. My first experiences of online gaming and steam/garry's mod were on the MG sandbox server. After which I moved onto RP (which is superior btw). I've had lots of great times being part of the MG community. Thank you, once again. Good luck in life and all you do. Best wishes Ruben/Peter Kransky A question: Will the staff of the current MG servers be staff on Ph33x's new servers? Seeing as I just got mod, I sort of don't want to go through that process again.
  12. I would really like to see a better map. One that allows more forms of RP. I'd also like to see a map with a medium to large sewer for hobos to explore/takeover.
  13. I think adding this would add realism and maybe it could go along with your other suggestion of new ways to make RP money. Maybe have ways to make money by fishing, diving for sunken treasure, etc. Maybe also have oxygen tanks that people can buy so they don't drown while underwater looking for treasure.
  14. Goodbye sweet prince.