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  1. Ill re-install gmod and css tonight so i can go on and do it, im working saturday but i finish at 4 my time so ye ill be there
  2. Cheers for all the good times and memories my dude, Been a blast grinding out other games with you(Conan, Blackwake for a lil, The Division, GTA and more) You've been the best mentor to help me throughout staffing in MG for almost 4 solid years, sad to see it go as i've made plenty of friends on here and it's all cause of you starting this amazing community, I thank you for everything you've done for me and more importantly what you've done for these servers. Be keen on playing games with you again, hopefully getting on that grind on conan again or some other game.
  3. Yeah fo sure Nae. Thanks Sytal . Means alot that you think that and yeah always together my man! keen to play h1z1 again sometime. ;p Your retardedness and mine drew us together, we were the perfect match. Always down to play games my man and ill catchya around later, and if u ever lose our streak ill find where u live with that new snap maps update.
  4. Alright well, lowkey i've been thinking about this for awhile now but since all this stuff with MG happening thought it'll be a good time to do it now. I will be resigning/leaving Monumental again as i'm not finding anymore interest in gmod anymore. It has been a rocky adventure for me on here, after leaving twice and coming back. I was pleasured to be offered to manage deathrun for the time that I did and hope I brought some life into it. I would like to give a HUGE thanks to ikoN, helping me with some shit on deathrun, mentoring me and just having me around for the time I was here, you've taught me alot about doing stuff for a server and even a community, and for that I give you huge props and a big thanks for running this amazing community. I would also like to give thanks to ph33x, he taught me alot of stuff aswell behind the scenes, what with the changing the rules and what not, and putting up with me not knowing shit all. Also the community i'd like to thank you for making the servers what they are and making us stand out from other Australian servers. Theres a few people i'd like to thank aswell; Juke; My online bae, I fucking love you, you were the funniest fucker to chat with always had a great time with you my love and I hope we never stop talking as you always say some fucked up shit. Aeth; I know you've left awhile ago but if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have stayed here for the time that i have been here, you've helped me through alot and for that I thank you. Carrot; You have been one of my closest friends throughout me being here, always a blast playing other games with you and staying up doing retarded shit on ts. Rezzie; Same with aeth, You've been a big part of me playing deathrun and it's always been a great time with you cutie, playing dayz and all that best fun in ages. Batman/Bruce; You are a fucking idiot sometimes but you were always a laugh, never a dull moment with you was a pleasure to have you as a staff member of deathrun. Jeke; Hella fun guy, was always a blast to play h1z1 with you and other games, always a great staff member was a pleasure to accept you. Deathrun Staff; You guys are what made deathrun what it is, sorry I haven't played much of it but I done what I could and I love you guys for making it what it was. I will keep talking to you guys every now and then even if you wanna add me you can, I hope ph33xs' new community has a terrific start and hope it goes well as Monumental has this has been a great time me being here for 4 long years and this is the final chapter of my book of being here, I hope I left my mark on this amazing community. Peace out~
  5. ikoN and I have played quite a few games together, seeing as I can only upload as much as I can without spamming this forum with pics, I've chosen a few; Back in the day when ikoN and I played DayZ, he made a fire and it was floating was a good time. When a few of us people from MG play on a rust server awhile back we all shared a base, as you can see ikoN had claimed his spot already. Awhile back when Yachts were first introduced into GTA and I bought one and invited ikoN and Seuss in it, They both perved on me when I was showering, filthy animals. One of the best times I had with someone on a game in a long time when ikoN and I played the shit outta Conan Exiles, He did all the building but I got all the resources and he made this mad as fuck base before a wipe, never went back. Last but not least, when ikoN and I played GTA a long as time ago, we were driving around and found this place, ikoN had found his long lost home, was one of the best times I had in GTA. I will make another post of just pictures later tonight, just gotta find some good old ones.
  6. This isn't even funny anymore, you're a dead meme, I am also gonna lock your prophunt one.
  7. ur face is gay #rektfaget
  8. TOXICCC bby i missed you, welcome back to this wonderful place, as pie said deathrun has changed alot since 2014, should come check it out
  9. Ayo, so recently i got a ps4 anyone got a ps4 themselves and keen to play some destiny or someshit sometime, hit me up bois PSN; Dyoh_- chur
  10. Still against the rules, and will result in a perm ban. What are you on about? I never shit talk any community lmao, only time I shit talk a community is when they join Deathrun and be complete assholes to other players, abusing other players and DDOS threats. e.g Poseidon awhile ago. I'm not sure about you, seeing with your history of bans over Deathrun and RP, and with you being mature I have someone added from a different community you are apart of now, and sent me some stuff that you post on the forums and what not. I don't feel like you have matured and therefore you can wait another month before appealing again. ~Denied.
  11. Ingame Name: Dyoh Wankerino Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:56054644 What server would you like to enter for: RP (why would i enter for dr ) you da man my big dikkus
  12. Then why post it if it has no relation to the suggestion?