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  1. It was through Monumental that I met some of my greatest mates, who ive spent countless hours in TeamSpeak and in games just fucking around. Without Monumental, I wouldnt have Rust. Without Monumental, I wouldnt have CSGO. Without Monumental, I probably wouldnt have invested in a PC to enjoy my games. I joined this random Gmod server, after spending a months worth of pocket money on CSS. First time playing, I clicked Monumental Gaming DarkRP. (Believe it had some other shit in it as well). My 13 year old self was welcomed by this gruff old dude, and he taught me not to spam my rope around, and got me wanting to come back the very next day. This was the last day of the holidays, and instead of spending it with mates, I sunk 6 hours into this server. I came back day after day, to just fuck around. I remmeber being banned by Seuss, and then dissapearing, only to come back and apply for mod. I closed the app, and 2 days later, a batch was accepted. I opened another, and bumped it for over 6 months, seeing trial after trial being accepted. Then one day, sick at home with whooping cough, I decided to go on the forums. "Accepted~" Was all I saw, and I went skids around the house happy as fuck. Come onto the server, and old ikoN was there, told me I was mod, told me how to ban, and off he went. I was estatic. Fast forward, and we meet mr wingza fury. Fucking cunt. I remmeber when he gave out my gorgous face to others, and I banned him permanently. A ban appeal followed, and I was scared shitless of old Seuss, and unbanned him - much to the disaproval of Nemesis, who promptly banned him for a week. Now, Seuss is one of those characters who I can now rely on to have a joke and a chat with, and despite his cringy profile description, hes a bloody funny bloke. I resigned, I came back. I resigned, I came back. Guess what, I resigned, I came back. I left. I became inactive as fuck on steam, and even know dont play that much. I will hop onto ph33x's new servers to prop spam but alas, that might be the end of me. So with the end of MG, comes the end of a lot of great people. But, for others, it is only the begining. Id honestly like to mention a few people, and try and be as least cringy as possible. @Dyoh - Fuck we are weird. Dont ever stop being weird, and keep in touch, always. You'll always been my first ol'suc! <3 @ikoN - You gave me a shot where others might not have, and have always been a great bloke to chat to and play games with. @ph33x - Youre a cunt. But our mateship is bloody great, and im sure I will still make abuse posts on your new servers, after all, #fuckph33x @DeepThought - You fucked zoe, but I forgave you, and we became the best of mates. Look forward to coming to visit you in the near future! @Rezzie - Fuck me I hate you. Go sniff some more whiteout you daryl braithwaite loving necro sucker! @MrCarrot - You saved my streaks where no one else wouldnt, and even kept top spot with the missus for me. She thinks youre weird, but you'll always been my lil cutie! @TotallyNotBatman - You know what? Touch my redstone and ill stomp you at the nearest maccas. Thanks for being my fav lil 13 year old! To everyone else ive played with, I thank you as well. Without you all, Monumental wouldnt be where it is today. Your energy and dedication to the server you love has kept it alive for everyone to enjoy. Dont be upset if you diddnt get a mention, you all have a place in my heart, even you dynastyexoh, even you. Lastly, I cant not write a post and not thank the one person who we all know was the real reason monumental gaming is how it is today. mr wingza fury, I thank you for being an UTTER CUNT, who NOONE likes, and will forever be HATED more than necro and her 426 mod apps. Peace. Fuck Evilmelon. Fuck ph33x.
  2. Shit post harder please
  3. Screenshot of the tab menu shows the red writing, screenshot below doesnt. Probs got them mixed up. Cher
  4. Fuck ph33x, welcome.
  5. A non gay and hard to trek PD. Add me if you want a cuntton of houses and buildings and shit from my map, save you the time and effort if you so desire.
  6. Budds slowly taking over all new servers from the inside by turning them into DarkSandbox and CinemaBox
  7. Fuck. Not gonna lie, I dont know what drew us together, me being an RP staff member, and you being from the hole that was deathrun at the time (like, wtf was it even back then, before you saved it?), but we grew to talk more, and play games more. The amount of fun times ive had in TeamSpeak, and ingame with you has been incredible, from building shitshacks in Rust and getting our asses handed to us, to long adventures in DayZ that I always managed to miss (goddamn you internet). Fuck, you even got me out of the hellhole that was RP and into deathrun for a little bit, allowing me to meet such great characters as Dynasty Exoh, and even people I now consider friends, such as Nae's and Necro. Fuck man, remember GTA? we gotta get back into that, ruining 3 hour long heists is just my jam (soz ikoN and Carrot), and I hope we can jump back into that, even soon maybe. And even if we may not play that many games together anymore, we will still have our bloody brilliant streak on Snapchat, and can continue to send each other munted up photos to add to our collection. So, before I end this farewell, I just wanna look back on a few things. "Good ol'suck in the toilets" "My Emotions arent toys dont play with them" Hope to still ssee you around boyfren, you gross little red thing you!
  8. rp_suckph33xsstubbychodeashardashumanlypossible.exe
  9. Im not one for big cheesy goodbyes, unless its posting them myself as my indecisive ass yearns for karma and attention. 2 years ago you gave me a shot at staffing the server ikoN, and ill never forget what you've done for MG as a whole, bringing together such a wide range of players under one banner. Nor will I forget our fucking BRILLIANT bases on Rust, and we should really play again, hey? Hope to see you around still, which I know you will. Peace out man, thanks for the memories, ya cunt. ps. ur music is alright pps. pls dont leave ph33x in charge, pls, pls Love ya iKon!
  10. It'll be ready in a month, I swear!
  11. Forget a privat teamspeak or discord, discuss it in a steamgroup!
  12. but what if you steal the motd
  13. You can fuck my mum if you want bro
  14. Mr.Carrot: Fuck prophunt people are weird
  15. Fucking finally. Nah kidding, youve always been a blast to play gmod and rust with, and ill never forgot the good times we all had in TeamSpeak. Sad to see ya go, keep in touch bitch. RAE RAES