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  1. When I first met ikoN I was going by the name Ivan Ivanovitch Ivanovsky on some autistic flatgrass RP filled with propkilling and minge staff where he spent his days building hobo forts, If someone had told me then that he would be running an 8 thousand member Gmod community I would have laughed in their face spawned lockers and smacked them across the map. But despite having little interest in running a community and just wanting somewhere to chill four years later he's done just that, ikoN started a community that will last for many years to come and as Monumental is his baby it's only right that the name departs when he does as Monumental without ikoN is not Monumental. In my time at Monumental I turned from a server crashing troll to a moderator to admin super and beyond, I've made many friends but none among them stand out as much as ikoN, out of all the friends I have on steam and the many friends I've made online he's the one person I talk to most, ikoN has been a mentor and a great friend and I hope he enjoys the rest of his gaming days with the peace that he doesn't have the weight of a community bearing down on his shoulders. Despite knowing this was coming for months it's been heart wrenching to try and find the words, I look forwards to many days gaming with you and as is clear Monumental wishes you the best in your future endeavors. xoxo love Seuss
  2. I couldn't fit needs in.
  3. Would that be Autism?
  4. Births Paul walker Louis CK Barry White Yao Ming Deaths Johnny Cash
  5. "Due to the open nature of the game and what people will consider fair play, staff decisions in any given situation are final." Trying to find a rule after Ph33x has revised them for the 100th time
  6. MG related would likely be this. IRL is a toss up between a bunch of things not forum safe, so I would go with the giant TV my GF of the time surprised me with in anticipation of Skyrims release as an early Christmas present. At the time I was stuck with some crappy CRT TV with a bunch of issues, her parents had remolded their living room and she got their 1k+ plasma for around 300. I ended up sinking hundreds of hours into Skyrim in front of that TV, easily explaining why I know the soundtrack off by heart.
  7. I liked this. /locked
  8. I honestly don't know why we still even have RpPhone, it's well agreed that most players don't care for it's existence. In the time one could actually open RpPhone and fartarse around with the interface long enough to send a message I could have already sent 10+ pm's, which honestly seems like it would lead to metagaming / steam PM's.
  9. Accepted.
  11. Rules have finally been added to the forums, they can be found in the top right or via this link. I highly recommend giving them a read as they are coming into effect immediately, it is expected that they are followed by all members of the community.