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  1. No problem
  2. You've got 2 bans for prop spam and a couple for RDM, however it has been two years and the Monumental name doesn't have long left. Just have fun and don't break any rules /unbanned /requestinglock
  3. Normie reeeee xd 

    1. DeepThought



  4. Can't wait to see you resign a fourth time +1
  5. A fining system would defiantly improve RP. It encourages police to role play more and be less aggressive towards people breaking the law. When someone breaks the law it normally always turns into a gun battle because the person doesn't want to go to jail and the police want to send him to jail, however being able to fine them would make everyone a lot less hostile and more co operative and the police would have an alternative instead of either sending them to jail or letting them off. I think the implementation of a fining system is a good idea.
  6. If you want any action to be taken you need to use the format, not only that you need to provide evidence. Not a lot can happen when it's just your word.
  7. In all seriousness though, here's some of the artists I listen to. Two Door Cinema Club, Northeast Party House, Childish Gambino, Phoenix, The Presets, Porter Robinson, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Young Empires, Vinyl Theatre, Prides, Wildcat! Wildcat!, The Wombats, and Lil Dicky Just to name a few.
  8. "Lemme Google this and see what comes up" "Oh yes, of course" - Deletes search history
  9. I remember this, we had just come back from a crash and most people went straight to hobo so we started trying to get everyone else to join the HoboRP
  10. Prop Spamming is not something that is taken lightly. Spamming props can result in the server crashing and players losing progress on builds, which isn't a good thing. To deter people from committing such crimes all offenders are permanently banned much like you were.
  11. So you've gone from saying you were banned straight away without warning to it was probably someone on your account? You really need to think your answer through carefully if you actually want to be unbanned.
  12. You were banned for one day. The ban has expired. /requestinglock
  13. Being a moderator means you will have to sort these things out, not get someone else to do it for you. I suggest you rethink these questions, be it by coming up with a new answer or seeing what others have put to get a general idea. Keep in mind that as a moderator you'll have access to logs, maybe use those? Our server also has a zero tolerance to people threatening to crash the server. Good luck though.
  14. While I think simplified ammo is a good idea, there is a search bar under your name(?) near the top left of the F4 menu which lets you put in what you need, in this case ammo, and it'll be the only one to appear. It's faster than looking for it, but simplified is way better.