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  1. Good load screen photo up there.
  2. And here it is, as much as could get done in a month and still more to go, but here is our humble new home for those who follow us on the website. All further details on the direction and shape of the community will take place in there. DarkRP, Sandbox, Prrohunt and Bunnyhop have made the initial cut. RP is getting a major content patch tomorrow. Please join up and help support us on our most difficult times, the beginning. Thanks all,
  3. I joined in late 2014 if I recall. Getting up Budds ass because he wouldn't ban someone after I'd spent the last hour E2 minging and prop blocking the guy. But it was quickly apparent that MG was not a typical server (Sandbox). You could do many things you couldn't on other servers, and that made it unique to me. I ended up spending 11 weeks on that server building random things, typically things others could interact with as well. Personally I yearn to do better each time, and make things greater all the time. From learning building props, wiremod, e2, then finally lua, I have MG to thank for all that. I had no reason to work on code before that. I had a goal or vision, so why bother wasting the time learning it? The vision was delivered. When I came, I didnt even know how to change from the Rope tool. Moving onto RP I've met hundreds and hundreds of new players, quite possibly thousands. But among all of them, there is the good 150-200 people I can still remember by name and have shared whatever level of experiences with on this service, and that makes communities like MG very special. To have something that isn't easy come easy go, but something that is truly powered by its own members, whether it be development, management, donations, or even just good old long term support by playing on our servers. It's been an absolute blast. And ikoN was the one to stick his head out and make it happen for this long, for you all to harbour various levels of relationships with each other that extend from game to game, and now, from community to community. I would like to thank ikoN for Monumental on behalf of anyone who won't see this thread. It's created new horizons for us and given tens of thousands of man hours of fun to everyone who's come to play over the years. Thanks man. "Props" brah.
  4. Next time just ban them from the get go when they give attitude after breaking a rule, don't need to argue with them.
  5. Probably easiest to ban all 3.
  6. Oh I thought we were gonna get you a name.
  7. Once I bother to get up: Perm banned from MGRP. Perm banned from website. Perm banned from new community. Chemotherapy complete. If anyone wants him back send me a PM.
  8. I was saying to the Mrs this morning "welcome the new member to our family" and she just rolls her eyes. Was a surprisingly long 10 hour build and had me cutting metal and driving to bunnings and bolt shops. But it lives and is about 12 hours through stress testing. There is no specific date Jaydon, but the measurement is now days and not weeks. It's the first time I've done a DC build and because it's a 90 minute drive away, things have to be planned 100% perfect or it will cost a lot to fix later. The biggest hurdle was yesterday, waiting 20 days for hardware I can't return, hoping it's not dead on arrival parts, missing cpu coolers backplate, stuff would not fit, needed a bios update to even boot with the new CPU, which meant I had to gut a CPU from another system I had to get it to even start. All that aside, all I see now is smooth sailing and some final dev work to bring it all together. Props to the few unnamed individuals who have been quietly assisting on the side to get things closer to production. For me, the work has hardly ended since wannacry so it will be nice actually playing a game for once, and RP will be my new 24/7er. (My steam 2 week used to be about 160 hours, now like 40) Shits so loud our dog didn't sleep last night.
  9. Only die like a tree does in a fire before sprouting back out again (or falling over and killing you, either sill suffice). Look what arrived today:
  10. Good suit that one, cost me $700.
  11. medic healers

    Yeah, or no health stations at all. But a hospital one would also generally serve the same purpose to assist implementing a medic based job in the future that isn't "needed" for the game to function.
  12. "I had more than a few drinks last night, I should've gotten off earlier." This says it all. Have fun, be an arse, just don't be full blown abusive. If there are words like 'ddos' doing around, perm bans go around with it. I don't have the time to look through this right now, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and let you back on. Unbanned.
  13. @Bobara
  14. Cash was not lost during any downtimes, only time and dupes were. So you can have your time and rank sorted out, but nobody lost any money.
  15. The truth should be told (and nothing omitted) for admin abuse complaints. I advise you to be more truthful in the future. Denied.