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  1. Could tie it to the Respected tier, that way they have more understanding of rules and less likely to bumper car?
  2. Not really sure why we stopped but we use to have that as a role, I imagine it was because the job wasn't popular enough but with the map being the size it is and cars being expensive it could be nice to see it return.
  3. Refound this old random youtube song
  4. medic healers

    Medic use to be a role on the server way back, was played about as common as a banker is now, I imagine it was removed due to those med bay's scattered around the map but could be nice to have it back. Don't think it should be donator only due to how rarely it was played back in the day so then no one would get healed.
  5. Doors, Street doors open inward (nothing more annoying than walking down the street to the owner having his door open on the footpath) and interior doors opening both ways (so you can have it out of your way while you build). Seeing as I've found some buildings are nice and you start construction then this one door only opens one way, which is right in your way.
  6. Some decent, blank area's for some of our more talented people to have room to build in as well as some nice existing places needing not much work for us lesser skilled builders. I'd agree with you on that, some decent sewer that runs most of the map, helps hobo's (maybe only hobo's can live there) also allows sneaky thieves/gangs to move around with more stealth.
  7. Click up the top right of the forums on the words "Staff" then open "DarkRP Staff" and then see if any of those names look familiar? Best bet I can think of to assist you finding this person/finding help.
  8. Could always try to do some sort of "escape room" like other online games. Where it is a chain result of puzzles and teamwork to find all the clues needed to find out the password at the end of it, to unlock the keypad. Wrong guesses end up as a punishment? Or some kind of Zombie break out where the zombies can't run but have melee weapons and survivors have to do/accomplish something to survive (Like gas for a boat) while trying to survive from a horde?
  9. Is that a bug? Could be intentional to stop people suicide to remove wanted? Could be a nice punishment for attempting.
  10. Nearly every area is commonly used (I'd say the area with the clothing is least used). How does 2 gas stations save fuel? Do you mean an extra Jerry can or bigger gas tank in the cars? Plus the one we have is pretty central. 2x more houses in an extra suburb? Seems a bit over kill since that would be about 20+ houses. If area's are not being used then adding more would be an overkill, we just need to use more of them. Just my thoughts on what you said.
  11. In Game Name: Big Dick Nick SteamID: STEAM_0:0:108774595 Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:42075312 What server: DarkRP What happened: Prop Pushing (yes two but didn't get picture of leader) - RDM - Job abuse (swapped to SWAT to kill bloods) - Taser abuse - Stun stick abuse The prop pushing happened more when larger number of people was still on however the job swap to SWAT happened when less was on but still unneeded. There was quite a few issues earlier with the bloods and some thieves which Riiloo was trying to fix but this all happened afterwards. Screenshots (if you have any): Videos / Demos (if you have one): Witnesses:
  12. That took like 30+ minutes just to get started then it just went around in circles of people mucking around, first time I had seen the court case being used so I joined in. Too bad people didn't really wanna RP it.
  13. When you find random things Admin making demonic rituals in the sewers A camera behind a door as a security system More demonic in the fountain Good times way back in 2013-2014
  14. Should have your own ranking on @ph33x servers, something to remember you by when you turn up out of the blue.
  15. Been a good server man, been here since the early years of when this first started and it will be odd to see it gone. Thanks for all the fun time and the opportunity to be a mod for a short time. All the best in your future.