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  1. COUNT ME IN BOI Cheers
  2. Aight, So gg wp monumental. Was a great experience to staff on Dark RP and Deathrun. Had its ups and downs. I shall stick around but I will be inactive (no change there lel). I have become a busy bee and all, I said to Dyoh i wanted to be mod because they needed staff, and I don't want to add to the list of inactive staff. When I joined the server for the first time I was a kid with a really high pitch voice who told stories as a hobo till 3am who worked at maccas. No idea what else to put here.... OH YEAH. Add me on steam if you wish I will still play with the squad and all don't you fellas worry. I resigned like a week or two ago Yew Grog
  3. Greetings friend
  4. Welcome! Ill see ya in game!
  5. If you have not been banned you can remove this. c:
  6. Tacos or ice cream
  7. Its been a year now. You have been given many chances. Iv'e dealt with you. You say the same thing every time dude. I'd say have a cool down, Its up to Ph33x.
  8. You got unbanned not that long ago. Also you have been permed many times. Iv'e dealt with you in the past and you just keep breaking rules. I think you need to cool down.
  9. I'd say BF1. Mainly because of the time it is set in. And Will run better on my pc. Now the "Cod 4 cash grab" would be nice. I'd give all the games ago and all but I mainly want Battlefield 1. I did not say i'd pay full price for these over hyped and priced games. I'd pay maybe $30-40 for CODIW? BF1 WITH PREMIUM would be $60 - $90 without out premium $50? What can I say. I have only played a beta of BF1 and CODIW: Nothing, besides a trailer showcasing the reused animations. The way I see it is: CODIW: >Some people have realised that COD just puts the same crap on every year >They hype the crap out of it >Make a bunch of pre order crap then make it free 6 months later (or paid content) >Put some famous person to voice in the campaign (that only appear for 2 minutes) The rest is just a band wagon people jumped on. BF1: Set in a new time because they think it seems fresh. >Over hype the crap out of it >Make a bunch of pre order crap >Make a bunch of over priced editions of the game In b4 triggered Sorry for any mistakes. No proof reading here fam.
  10. Overall your app is good. You just need to make the fixes I listed above. Also you may want to add some colour, makes the app stand out. Goodluck ~Greg
  11. Mulan the DLC'ist Cheers (pls make meh win)
  12. I brought you here for all who don't know! Also: Remember this thing? Anyway. Good luck in life, and ill see ya around!
  13. Welcome friend! I hope to see you on deathrun or dark rp! See ya around! ~Greg the peg leg dreg deg smeg cek geg veg