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  1. Ye Jaydon I'll get working on it when I have time
  2. Something I threw together quickly. Also: Message me on steam if you want a wallpaper/banner/signiature.
  3. You werent banned permanently, only for one day. Here is your ban:
  4. This shit is funny af
  5. MentosRP | 69+ Custom jobs | Cars | Vcmod | Bus | Trentos | Mentos | #MakeMonumentalGreatAgain | Trentos4mod | BringBackTrentos | UnbanTheGodOfDarkrp | MrTrentosFury | NEED MENTOS | Trentos4Owner | #NotMyPresident | #TrentosDidNothingWrong | Sound emitter volume 500%
  7. Its been crazy to see this community grow in my time playing, and I'm sure it will continue to do so in the future. To ikoN, ADTR and all the staff and players who have helped shape monumental into what it is; thankyou. From the people on monumental alone, I've learned to build awesome, advanced stuff and use wiremod in ways I could never hope to imagine. MG has allowed us to collaborate, share, build, create, learn and do so much more together, on garrysmod, the forums and on other games. It's a place for anybody to come on to, to learn and to become a part of a greater community. Its been great fun, and I'm sure that it's not over.
  8. I once got lost at westfield
  9. Smh you just want the badge of resigning 4 times don't ya Congrats on recieving my first +1??? lmao
  10. Yes, we need this, would help a alot. It sucks that the car impound tool you linked is outdated and is also no longer being sold, but an impound tool should be relatively easy to make, just a remover tool with a delay and a minimum distance.
  11. Gee I wonder why
  12. I mean like I'm probably like the only person in the world who thought watchdogs was a great game, but GTA V takes the cake.
  13. Forgive me if I'm reading this wrong, but it seems that even in your application you can't get disrespecting a staff member past yourself? You aren't going at this the right way at all. As said above, you have 6 bans, not 4. You can find these bans by searching up your steam ID in the bans section in the top right. Now might be a good time to change your attitude.
  14. Banned. /requestinglock
  15. Banned. /requestinglock