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  1. I recently changed my Minecraft name to xX_CreeperBoy_Xx just to make you proud. Its been fucking awesome, being a part of something so truely incredible. I spent so many hours in GMOD, 99% of which was on Monumentals servers. Although the servers live on, watching the name go is upsetting. rip Deathrun
  2. Isn't this what the Donator Random job is for? Just choose the Ronald McDonald model and away you go
  3. Wow, phenomenal job man. Can't wait to see what's in store for our future, seriously sick job man.
  4. phr33dom RP?
  5. If you can, recording is ideal, as it gives the RP staff a clear view of the situation making it easy to deal with.
  6. Record proof for evidence and use the fokin format
  7. hey das me in the photo
  9. Fuck, RIP MG. It's actually been sick though, and you've accomplished a fuck ton man, be proud of that. Farewell, and goodluck with whatever your future holds. rip coon
  10. Uninstall then reinstall? It's a small download.
  12. 'Monumetal' Cya Naes, I hope to see you in TS sometime
  13. I haven't really been on, but I feel like there are more pressings to fix than sounds for water. i like moaning when I drink anyway