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  1. /job is useful for being a custom job.
  2. Professional @Smaed @Lenin Der Kaiser
  3. What's this? The server processor or something? Not good with server hosting. Pretty curious, I bet others are too.
  4. medic healers

    Medic = Whitelisted? My only fear is the income, hope it's not to low so people don't use it and not to high so people don't stack it. But, generally I think it's a great idea.
  5. I'll get my recorder rolling :3
  6. Already have one. ^ Remember this? Nice wallpaper you put up :3
  7. Instant Perma Ban :3 This includes: Prop Spam DDOS Threats, Jokes also Count Hack Threats
  8. You a free to change it anytime! Heads up, Bump your application every seven days after the last post. This means updating your application time data. Every bump you do, make a post on this thread 'bump'. 'Bump' App Updated 'Bumperino' 'Bump' 'Running out of Ideas' Cheerio!
  9. About time sandbox mod applications battle eachother again. Anyway. Lets get into this. Pretty short amount of time, try to get more active or generally gain more time. Try to get more hours on GMod, may not change anything but it's great to watch and learn from others. Your choice. But if you see them again, what are your actions? You warned them, maybe a kick? Or ban? More Elaboration Required. Mic Spam, I guess is minging but maybe another scenario is more better? You'll hear them yelling and stuff, your choice. Also, a 12 hour for Mic Spam is harsh. Shorter it down. If you haven't been banned, this part of the format can be removed. Your choice budd. Feel free to delete this part of the format if no previous applications underway. That'd should fix up the application. Make your application stand out using colours, any colour.I've started to see Troll Dude starting to play on our server. I will say he is a bit new but sensible. I haven't ever had to kick him. He seems nice, but I haven't seen how he deals with situations. I need to see how he reacts, his response. I wish you luck Troll Dude. Cheerio.
  10. Your application needs to be with the format, I mean all of it. The signature and the Agreement :) Fill in the questions carefully and be good in the server :3 Some tips: Bump your Application every 7 days after the last comment/post, Make sure your application stands out, with colour, Make sure you are sensible ingame. Review: Not much I have to offer, as I don't really find you ingame. I am glad I hear no complaints from End, all I want to know is how he reacts to. Goodluck!
  11. Stealing all my reputation. Scum.

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      yes, while I was right in the middle of a sit ;-;


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      oops :3

  12. Me

    Threads are dead after months buddy, people don't check them often.
  13. After time, I decided to make my opinion on this player. Currently, I don't think this applicant is going anywhere. DrowsyCob and I have decided to give a point. I don't think BiRDiE is fit for staff if he is getting grilled by new players. His lets the server's minges change his attitude and his emotions. These emotions he creates 'stress' and I can't believe his emotions are so fragile. Don't get me wrong, some people are different, and that's good, but if this player is going to spread it around by putting up text screens about it, it's highly not acceptable. Commonly if this does happen, he cannot control anger. Now, I wont lie, myself on RP, I can get pretty pissed but this applicant totally goes out of control. Now, I don't mean attitude wise, I mean putting up text screens, yelling into the microphone and threating to get a staff to ban them. When it comes to very high player'd server times, myself and Drowsy have to keep an eye on BiRDiE for the backseat moderating he does. To be honest, its starting to slow down but I still see him do it. Back to what I stated before, the related, the reactions of minges. If this regular finds any minge, he will make it global. There are many player's names but this is BiRDiE's Application. Not theirs. This is going to be my main point. Users. Yes, users apparently all minges. It's a rank, yes, a rank. Users is the first rank to will earn if your a brand new player to our server. The point of view of users from BiRDiE is awful. This isn't the only player, I am disgusted how other regulars look at users, how they can't build and how they are new. It's the school holidays, we get tons of them, squeaky and not squeaky. If some regular hosts some event, users, there the ones that are locked out and told to go away. It makes the community look bad, we are always to be a welcoming community, not an excluding one. Please work on: -Patience. -Anger Controlling. -Making Issues Global. -Respect to new Users. -Stop complaining to Staff Members about your 'not staff rank'. On the behalf of DrowsyCob, it's a -1.
  14. Patience is key.