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  1. We already have it and please don't comment on old/dead post
  2. -1 OK, BiRDiE i am giving you this -1 because, If someone annoys you even littlest amount you start swearing in your mic and abuse them, you have no respect for other players and if someone even says the word car wash when you are on you abuse them because you think they are trying to annoy you even if they don't know who you are. If you are told off for breaking one of the rules you have a cry about it then leave, even if it wasn't that big of a deal in the first place, And before i started witting this you made a weird sound in your mic, so i told you not to do that then you reply with "shut up" which is not the best thin to be saying to staff members. The amount of times you have hinting at getting moderator is uncountable and its getting a bit annoying since it happens most times you join. Things you need you need to work on: *Respect. *Patience. *Hinting at being mod. *Annoying staff members. *Abusing other players. I'm not saying you will never be mod but until you fix these things you don't have a very good chance. There are lots of thing i didn't write down because i'm lazy but these are the main things that you need to work on.
  3. Made in paint like a pro ; )
  4. Ever wanted a place where you can show off your Jukes mum projects? They can be anything from real life projects to some juke statue on DarkRP or a flying "sausage" on sandbox. Now show of your shitty projects : )
  5. best roast 2017
  6. Want to hear a joke? juke.
  7. right now we have no choice but to play single player
  8. this is a old screen shot but still messed up
  9. +1 Bobba is a amazingly nice player who is respected by everyone and would make a great moderator Good luck
  10. BUMP still intent on this position
  11. Pick the one you like the most