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  1. Been here almost 2 maybe 3 years now and honestly its some of the best times i've had. The friends i have made because of the community you made will last forever. Thanks ikon <3 love ya
  2. BUMP Updated Total Connection
  3. BUMP Updated Total Connection
  4. BUMP Updated Total Connection
  5. Hey that looks like Prophunts family tree
  6. Channel Application Teamspeak username: Relevant Unique ID: AIDlp5f6lz3rKrC88s5vIFOKJJA= Real Name (Just first name will do): Dylan Age: Twenty One Do you have a microphone: Yes First Connection: 25/9/2016 20:10:21 Total connections: 512 531 555 609 Which Monumental servers do you usually play on? PropHunt Have you had any previous teamspeak administration experience: Yes. Currently PropHunt Channel Admin and was also TeamSpeak Admin for a previous community i was in. What server groups are you in? Garry's Mod Staff, Donator, Prophunt Channel Admin What is your highest server rank? Admin Why do you want a personal channel: I'm on Teamspeak almost all day, everyday; and everyday im always needing to create a channel or use other users' channels just to play games or hangout with my friends. Please also include every link to all of your previous Monumental moderator applications Prophunt Moderator Application Teamspeak Moderator Application Add extra comments that you think should be included if need be: My Total Connections and First Connections Aren't acurate as i have had to reinstall Teamspeak many times and have since got a new computer Agreement: By completing this application you agree to have read the rules thoroughly and understand them clearly, you understand if any rules are broken whilst your application is being reviewed during the 2 week review time your application may void and risk being denied or removed. You understand that by submitting your application you are committing to monumental gaming and swear to always do the best thing for the community/server. You MUST understand the rules clearly and MUST following them, this cannot be stressed enough. You agree if you ever nagg/winge/pester admin/mods to look at your application or to give you a channel, your application will be denied. You have read the agreement and understand the conditions of submitting your application. Signature: Relevant
  7. Sounds good. im in!
  8. For Agreement you have put Yes. you shouldn't have. and you haven't signed at the bottom where it says signature. apart from that seems fine. gooodluck!
  9. Umm i don't know how to start this so i guess this is me starting it. I may not have known you for as long as some of the other prop hunt guys but in my time here you have really become a great friend. you even "mentored" me when i first received staff on PropHunt teaching me everything there was to know about being a good staff member and i always looked up to you as a staff member trying my best to be a good staff member like you. Going to miss all great times we had playing prophunt and all the bullshit fucking stupid ass spots THAT SHOULDN'T EVEN WORK......anyway i wish you all the best man, goodluck with all your studies. Thank you for everything you have done man. you have truly made prophunt and MG a better place. Hope to see more of you in the future. don't be a stranger and say hello sometime.
  10. Yeah it will run it fine, More for when you want to upgrade in the future you'll have the power already there and you wont have to spend more money getting a new PSU. What you have now is perfectly capable of running what you have with no problem. Just a suggestion. ^-^
  11. I would suggest getting at least a 750w power supply. 550w should only just run what you have. 750w really isn't much more expensive, and will be much better for your computer
  12. Make sure to let staff know in game when this does happen. We can either restore your health if you lose some or respawn you if you die.
  13. 1. why on fucking earth would you even mention the 800 series then. his obviously not going to buy a fucking laptop graphics card. 2. You look at every other gtx 980 or any 900 series modle. good 90% are more expensive then any 1060. 3. Who the actual fuck calls a graphics card "GFX" Never in my life have i known some to say GFX to refer to a graphics card. 4. If you are going to give someone advice about something, make sure you know what the fuck you're talking about fuck whole. 5. Have good day and please for the love of god do the world a favor and don't have children
  14. Why buy a 900 series when you can buy a 1060 for cheaper??? Also you're a fucking idiot because twice you called it a GFX when its GTX and there isn't even a 800 series. so seem to me you don't know shit about what you're talking about
  15. BUMP Total Connections Updated: 94 Still active and interested