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  1. I've saved the propblock post because the memes are too spicy. XD

  2. I knew what needed to be done but listening to this guy complain was actually amusing. Because the more he kept complaining the stupider he made himself look. I'll give 'Snowflake' a nice little ban.
  3. What should I do lads. Ban him or keep him for the memes.
  4. Check this shit out. All i did was ask him "Malice Murdock: would you mind explaining why you prop blocked spawn". Malice Murdock: gday Malice Murdock: !freeze Excali You froze Excali Excali: ??? Malice Murdock: dude Malice Murdock: what are you doing? Excali: your mum Malice Murdock: !goto excali You teleported to Excali Excali: tf Excali: I cant move Malice Murdock: thats wonderful Malice Murdock: yes you cant Malice Murdock: would you mind explaining why you prop blocked spawn Malice Murdock: ? Excali: who uses breen as a playermodel, that's gay Malice Murdock: ehh we all have our favorites Malice Murdock: so you gonna explain why u were prop blocking spawn or not? Excali: I felt like it Excali: this server doesnt even let me use stacker Malice Murdock: probably for a reason Excali: for what reason? To get rid of serious players Excali: ? Malice Murdock: XD well lets walk in context here i asked you why u were prop blocking spawn and your 2nd response is you cant use stacker. Malice Murdock: if you were serious in actually building something you would not have done something as stupid as that for starters Excali: Why are you making such a big deal of this man, there's only 2 people on right now and both of us can go through my props Malice Murdock: thats why you cant use stacker lad Malice Murdock: well manee191919: hi Malice Murdock: let alone Malice Murdock: you could have taken the time to actually read the rules Excali: no one reads em mate Malice Murdock: then i would not have to do this Excali: sorry to break it to ya Excali: no one cares Malice Murdock: 'oh, really..' Excali: you might be a special snowflake and read the rules, but others play to have fun Malice Murdock: i suppose i'm just wasting my time then Malice Murdock: i dont need to be a special snoflake m8 if it's common sense to not be an idiot Excali: I would have thought it's common sense not to block essential tools from people on a server about building Malice Murdock: this is why you probably cant build on most servers Malice Murdock: because you abuse the servers Malice Murdock: and then you talk shit back at staff Malice Murdock: asking why we block tools Malice Murdock: after you display that your neither compitent nor mature enough to use them in a responsible manner Excali: Dude, it's an almost empty server, at like 10pm. Why are you taking this so seriously? Malice Murdock: it's my job! Malice Murdock: why else was i made a staff m8 Malice Murdock: explain that Excali: Why would you sign up for a job like that? All you do is freeze and whine at people for the smallest things Malice Murdock: because i can let you go ahead and prop block spawn and do whatever you want breaking all the rules you want. Malice Murdock: and where do you think that'l go Malice Murdock: ??? Malice Murdock: it would come back on me Excali: To the moon/ Malice Murdock: because i let you do that while i was active on the server Excali: oh no, you'd lose your job as a moderator on a what, ten year old game? Malice Murdock: then i get my ass kicked Malice Murdock: and unfortunately moderator allowes me to actually build some decent shit on this so why would i go out of my way to let you Malice Murdock: do what you want and i lose all my abilities to build Excali: so, you're telling me this server is so restricted, you have to become staff just to build half-decent things? Excali: Why bother then? Malice Murdock: thats not true Malice Murdock: atleast not entirely Excali: "and unfortunately moderator allowes me to actually build some decent shit on this" Malice Murdock: yes and keep quoting me Excali: don't tell me you make people donate for this shit too Malice Murdock: because i'm responsible with the tools i use Malice Murdock: i've earned the respect on this server Excali: !donate Excali: oh for fucks sakes Excali: you do Malice Murdock: you have 17 minutes and you think you have the right to ask for any tool u want Malice Murdock: do us both a favor Malice Murdock: pull your ass in and earn the tools by being a good little boy and maybe you'll actually get somewhere in life Malice Murdock: deal? Excali: nah mate, I ain't paying 10 dollars to get half decent tools for a month Malice Murdock: no one said you have to pay m8 Malice Murdock: yes theres pleanty of percs Excali: well, considering what you said before Excali: that seems unlikelyt Malice Murdock: you dont need donator to build but with your narrow mindedness yes looks like you'll have to pay Malice Murdock: because you apparently dont know how to build Malice Murdock: and if you did Malice Murdock: you'll realise this is all you need to build Malice Murdock: i was exactly where you were Excali: yeah and you can build? Congratulations on building a wall with some barrels behind it Malice Murdock: a couple months ago including last year Malice Murdock: well Malice Murdock: yes thats what it looks like to you Malice Murdock: because you dont know any better Malice Murdock: looks like your too stubborn to look at it any differently Excali: yeah nah cunt, I'm out
  5. That moment when you walk past those totally not suspicious mannequins. One tagged Nora and said "Dress me darling >:3"
  6. JD this is a poor ethic you have displayed on the sandbox server. Birdie told me everything and i was telling him exactly what to do. Very poor example and will recieve my down vote -1 Banned 16/07/2017 :
  7. Alrighty lets have a look here. Let's see a steam ID here as'well as it makes it much easier for us to identify you. (personally steam ID's should be mandatory) Unfortunately m8 people are not going to watch them for you, they are going to complain a 2nd time round to you for not doing something about it. You need to at least spectate them for 2 mins after he/she/they have been accused of such. ================================================================================================ What do you think Telling him off will do?. Yes you must address the issue with the player but telling him off will send the wrong message. (trust me, experience) Instead approach the offender calm and with a steady mind. Be friendly to him, don't oppress him. You want to convince the player that their actions were lets say not the best of choices. Welcome him to the sandbox server and recommend some things that he could do like build a car, plane, building, Ect... When we play the game of minds we must not 'Assume' that this/these players are immediately minges but merely misguided new comers. Their steam playtime will tell the difference and if they're being a smart ass, play your cards carefully. Keep the steady minded approach and maybe the player will feel guilty for being a dick. For newbies and ass hats maybe get them to read the rules a 2nd time if they were lazy to read them the first time. ================================================================================================ 3 warnings is an excellent practice as you give the player chances to conform. I go with 5 steps, 1st, 2nd, 3rd warning(jail discussion), 4th a kick and 5th a 2 week or 2 month ban. (we both know what comes after given no one should have to perm ban .) ================================================================================================ Yes it's great that you inform the player that his/her/their recent actions are depreciated, but do not inform him that you are going to spectate him if you do. ================================================================================================ As Nora addressed you need to be careful what information you take into account. Analyse the situation and make a decisive judgement and work out compromises where someone is clearly pouring the :steam salty: ================================================================================================ Don't spare the player a ban after they've been kicked. A kick is to be served as a final warning when previous warnings have been ignored Nononononono. A server threat is a server threat. When someone threatens to crash the server show no mercy. They have clearly come onto the server with the sole intention of carrying out their idiotic task. Best thing to do is either Freeze them or spare the trouble and kick them immediately! I would personally Freeze them and attempt to reason with them, then you'll definitely know if they're more trouble than they're worth. Jailing them will still allow them to spawn and interact with the world. If they succeed in doing this then it is a permanent ban by the servers standards. Is this all you wish to offer?? I'm sure i could pick a rabbit out of a hat that would do just that. And yes many people are sick of minges we all want them gone, But the issue is that some of those minges are merely just misguided players that don't know how to play the game. That is something we should all provide is the will to help the community grow. With like minded builders that share similar interests and talents. What would you want the moderator to do if he was about to swing the ban hammer at you! Think about it. Like i said, some of us are just misguided and need a little hand holding to get us on the right path. I'm sure we all want to. Get rid of this if you don't have anything to fill in. It just adds more clutter to a clean application. Rightyo those are just some things for you to work on. Bare in mind yes some of the points addressed are heavily opinionated but the standard is relatively the same. Other than that man your application is much appreciated and all the best to be accepted onto the team.
  8. Ok bud. I'll be honest it does not sound good but there is room for improvement. Depending if you know how to do this, look it up on google and see if you can make these changes. 1: That bass guitar is too distorted it sounds terrible, you need to lighten the distortion so it complements the sound of the bass not destroy it, let the strings do the work. 2: The 'Crash' symbol lasts way too long and is too loud in the mix. it needs to be brought down in volume and the 'Tail' if they symbol needs to be more brief. (not last as long.) 3: The Snare has a tone to it that i reckon based on taste needs to be removed. this can be found at around 300 - 500 Hz so take a look at that Equalizer and take off 4db in that frequency range. Maybe boost around 1000 - 4000 Hz to give the snare more character. 4: Overall when your playing these instruments I've noticed an inconsistency or an offset in timing of your notes. your not playing them at the right time and it's too scattered. 5: There are gaps in your mix that need to be addressed. Add some reverb to that drum kit and maybe a delay on the snare and kick. Bring in some Guitar to fill in with some powah chords and tell a story. Bring the mood of the song up and down, slow when sinister and fast when you need to be furious. Tell a story with the instruments. (make love to the..... Wait a minute.)
  9. staff

    As the days of Monumental Gaming come to a heartfelt close, to make way for the new community Ph33x will lead, my indecisiveness has gotten the better of me. My time spent on Monumental Gaming has been a long and wonderful time, I've been around for a while. I signed up for the sandbox staffing team because I was asked by Keys, a former sandbox administrator, to apply for moderator. I then asked all of you if you wanted me to staff the sandbox server. Most of you said yes. I'm only posting this on the basis that if i'm no longer needed as a staff, or i'm still wanted on the team. Then I shall resubmit my application and continue staffing along side you. If I am no longer needed, or no longer wanted, Please speak up as your opinions mean a lot to me. So far as a staff I've dealt with those who saw pleasure in others misery. I gave chances to those who I saw had potential to be more than what they were, or wanted a second chance. It's my moral code to show kindness wherever possible as I am sure it is yours. And I helped those who asked me for help, such as precision alignment, or Expression 2, I showed them how to do so at the best of my ability, and worked hard to better mistakes of my own. But I'm not here to glorify my staffing career on this server, that's not the point. If you wish me to staff with you or for you than I do so willingly and proudly. But if you no longer need me, then I bid you farewell, and god speed to you all. Heartfelt regards ~ MaliceMurdock
  10. The issue there with an in game banning mechanic for standard players to utilize is risky. In terms of recommending remedy's for any situation the positives and the negatives need to be considered and weighed out. Just with the forum ban request system just as Dikkus pretty much covered (and yes is very under used..) the positives gives the sandbox community to address issues directly to the staff team but requests will take time to post and process. Unfortunately this is a compromise that must be made to give you that ability while still making it safe for the staff and the server. (what do i mean?) We'll highly unlikely that in the event that evidence against a certain player may be forged and accidentally approved just with the forum system alone. (thank the format created for this as it makes it increasingly difficult to do such a thing.) Imagine what would happen if a freely accessible banning system was implemented in game. Don't get me wrong the system sounds brilliant on the positive side but the negatives are that you just gave hidden trolls and minges the ability to also ban who they wish if they were to go through all the effort to do so. It does not seem likely at all but it can happen. Random bans will start popping up out of the blue on source bans that staff wont be able to monitor them within reasonable measure, they would end up being more frequent and posts in the ban appeals Topic would probably skyrocket. (What makes me think this?) Well I and i think every other staff has had to sit the 'night shift' at one point and has, may or may not discovered that the community changes a fair bit, especially when very little staff are online. We'll @Gus great for giving input as it serves and contributes to how the server can be developed. Regards ~ Malice Murdock
  11. That would be amazing if you could. If your happy to do that then awesome Makes it just as memorable then
  12. If you can find me 7+ contestants get them to sign the spreadsheet I linked then i'll host the championships the next day (negotiable if people have things going on but we cant keep pushing it back it'l get messy. I can host any day btw) You'll only need to sign up once this time. The polls on the forums did not quite reset so that's why I made the spreadsheet And maybe instead of having a specific day to host the championships would it be a good idea to make it an on demand request? Though if we do set this up we'll need to have like 2 months break for another one to be hosted (otherwise that kinda ruins the point of it being a championship.) Thanks lads ~ Murdock
  13. sigh. Knew it. i guess we wont be doing the comp after all, I had everything set up but I guess it was for nothing.
  14. Ok everyone today is your last day to sign up for the Monumental Gaming Sandbox Championships. Please list your name in the spreadsheet: Entry will Close on the 14th June 2017 at 9:00PM UTC +10 This is the final document. Anyone who does not have their name listed here will not be permitted to participate in the competition. (< Full stop. Don't come begging me to let you sign up after the deadline, i'll just say too late. )
  15. right i've fixed the Poll, i don't know why it screwed up the first time but it's fixed now hopefully