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  1. #rip thanks all for the fun times, will catch the people who matter when i catch them ;P
  2. Fortnite is now out on early access. My. God. its actually so much fun O:
  3. Cheers to you ikoN, I never really got any chance to chat to you or have anything really to do with you, but you have my utmost respect for this amazing haven of great memes and great people for the most part these past 2 years of mine on MG have been amazing, thankyou <3
  4. NNNNAAAAEEEEEEEEEEE catchya on sc everyday anyhow~ sad times that prophunt is dead but at least we have golf with friends :DD
  5. yeeee fortnite looks so good~! im pretty sure its coming into early access in july, im keen to grab a founders pack/for both platforms once it does (its going to be on ps4 also for those it applies...not cross platform though)
  6. Complete with WTF moments O:
  7. So since its taking over my life, anyone in the good ol' Monumental family play/interested in playing Paragon? Paragon is a third person moba available ftp on both PC and PS4(!~cRoSs PlAtFoRm~!) old 2015 trailer linked below: If anyone's keen feel free to either message me on steam or playstation /add me in game and i can help you in some co-op and get some decks sorted for pvp EpicID: DontFearTheClown PSN: High_On_hApYnEsS
  8. High_On_hApYnEsS Paragon is overtaking my life, its free y'all should get 8D
  9. What a time to be alive
  10. (albeit a bit late) cya rez! always a pleasure to see you ingame (The few time ive been drunk and decided deathrun might be fun); hope to catchya sometime in the future whether in be in-game or the odd forum post~
  11. IGN: DontFearTheClowns Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:42235063 such a kind soul