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  1. That was unexpected :v Thankee Senor Seldus
  2. 42 :V
  3. I had the same idea a while ago.
  4. I was not bready for this. Haaaa.....
  5. Ill add in the police bear in. The file size is iffy however so I'm unsure if it would get accepted. Wont add in the chimp though - it seems to have texture errors on the wrists.
  6. Bump Added more playermodels.
  7. Vader is a great idea - I'll add him in. Just a heads up though - I made this post purely for model suggestions and reports of bugged models. (New weapons probably require a lot more testing and/or balancing).
  8. I've compiled some suggestions for player model replacements and new ones. If anyone wishes to suggest some more Playermodels to the list just comment with the link - I'll try and add them to the post when I can. Bugged Models (Anything that doesn't have a replacement means I don't have a similar alternative) Spiderman and Black Spiderman Reason: Their faces are broken - they're concave - and they have an ugly and outdated design. Size Unknown Replacement: Spiderman from Marvel Contest Of Champions Player and NPC 1.601 MB Alternatively: Spiderman (Red and Black) 2.156 MB Mad Moxxi Reason: Hats don't sit on her head, they are stuck to the ground next to her. 2.849 MB Replacement: None Available Pedobear Link Unknown Reason: Model doesnt move and bugs out on the pointshop - gets stuck on the preview and doesn't go away. Replacement: Police Bear 4.780 MB Updated Versions / Replacements Cloud 0.485 MB Reason: Eyes are bugged out. Replacement: None Available Carnage MB Reason: Ugly as hell.Replacement: Carnage - Marvel Pinball MB Zero Suit Samus 0.590 MB Reason: Got a forehead the equal to the mass of the sun and size 200 shoes. Replacement: Zero Suit Samus 1.603 MB Suggested Playermodels (Did my best to keep the selection low on file size and with both male and female models. Suggested with price - liable to change and is merely an opinion. Sorted by size from smallest to largest.) 0 Mb to 1 Mb Drawing Mannequin 0.217 MB 200 Points Dollynho 0.217 MB 10,000 Points - Donator The Greatest Playermodel I've ever seen. Zelda - Twilight Princess MB1000 Points - Donator Morgan Freeman 0.387 MB 500 Points Ahri Playermodel & NPC 0.477 MB 2500 Points - Donator Ichigo Kurosaki 0.478 MB 950 Points - Donator Darth/Light Revan 0.510 MB 950 Points - Donator Ashe - League of Legends 0.560 MB 500 Points Phoenix Wright 0.672 MB 500 Points Kermit the Frog 0.712 MB 500 Points Peach - SSB 0.815 MB 1000 Points Venom 0.831 MB 2000 Points - Donator Crash Twinsanity 0.863 MB 2000 Points - Donator Republic Trooper 0.961 MB 300 Points Link - Legend of Zelda 0.953 MB 1000 Points 1 Mb to 2 Mb Captain Falcon - SSB 01.017 MB 2000 Points - Donator Vin Diesel 1.024 MB 1000 Points Korra 1.039 MB (Maybe able to change colours like Shrek and Zack?) 950 Points General Grievous - Star Wars 1.142 MB 2000 Points - Donator Max Caulfield - Life Is Strange 1.159 MB 1750 Points - Donator Papyrus 1.243 MB 1300 Points - Donator Boba Fett 1.240 MB 1500 Points - Donator [FO:NV] Advanced Power Armor 1.328 MB 1500 Points John Cena 1.469 MB 3000 Points Donator Pokemon OR/AS (Trainers) 1.614 MB 1050 Points Halo: CE Spartan 1.694 MB (Maybe able to change colours like Shrek and Zack?) 1000 Points Rey - Star Wars: Force Awakens 1.746 MB 1000 Points Shao Jun 1.790 MB 2500 Points Ryuko - Kill la Kill 1.843 MB 2000 Points - Donator 2 Mb - 3 Mb Dalek 3.035 MB 2500 Points Darth Vader 3.152 MB 3500 Points - Donator
  9. Please use the correct format.
  10. I guess fun isn't allowed apparently. Also I'm actually server staff...
  11. +1 As Spraks stated, a really active player. My experience with him has been extremely positive. As a player Riiloo demonstrates excellent awareness to the rules and is more than willing to help those who do not understand them. Not only that - he is often helping the new players and is always able to lend a hand to the staff in times of server stress.
  12. Bump Updated Gametime
  13. Bump Updated Gametime
  14. Bump Updated everything Turns out I was quite naive. Learned some more and came back to this once I felt I was ready.