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  1. Quite a feel people don't bother to read it properly ay?
  2. Thanks for all youve done for the community Dyoh! Good luck with life. Catch ya on Steam or Snapchat or whateves pece
  3. Almost 2 years in the community too. Thanks ikoN for creating the community. It was a great one to be involved in ❤️
  4. Chur is the word of the kiwis ayyyyy
  5. Ojhhhhhhhhhhh shiiiieeeeet he weeent theeeeerrrrreeee. If Flynn doesn't get staff I'm resign....oooohhhh wait
  6. Sorry @ikoN you might aswell give this kid the server 10/10
  7. <3 You ain't even getting rep for that bitch haha Good times in the radtown
  8. Technically since Prop Hunt is absolutely dead. I think I technically am off the staff team. I'm there in spirit though ;P
  9. This isn't entirely goodbye. I will still hang round the forums, sometimes TS and every now and then come on to play. Basically I never thought school would take up so much time that I'd have to leave my staff position and not ENTIRELY leave the community but not be active as I used to (I feel like I'm forced to leave by the amount of work school gives :'D) Playing on MGAU and hanging with the community really helped me a lot in terms of giving me a break from life and keeping me calm in rough times. It actually sucks so much that I can't even have a break to play and forget the stress anymore but yeah with the workload from school, my late nights working and my extra curricular activities have given me hardly any time to game and when I do have time I am tired and freezing my butt off haha! Might return and play as a regular after I finish school if Gmod doesn't die before hand. Shot guys for the fun times! Thanks Jester and Dyoh for accepting me into the staff team (I havn't resigned from Prop Hunt but it's dead anyways) Finally thanks to those giving me that "last minute" rep on this lame post, MVPs Catch y'all later
  10. From the last talent show
  11. Did anyone have the footage from my amazing Let it Go performance
  12. lmao soz was doing school work and forgot
  13. Ingame Name: ItsNAENAES Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:101754625 What server would you like to enter for: Deathrun please Chur bro
  14. Are the 90 knives Dyoh put on not enough for you Pie :')