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  1. ~~ See ya'll on the other side ~~ Been a blast, and will continue to be one. Cheers to ikoN and ADTR, and congratulations for getting the community this far up, even if it's reaching end.
  2. Guy on server > Prop Push > Frozen > Told off > Complains > Ignores Staff word > No real intention to stay Clear answer. Should of done it at the start. I mean, I'm not sandbox staff and only been on sandbox like.. 3 times. But if someones gonna minge and talk like that, easy long ban. Upto you.
  3. (OOC) Mario Boss: yeah theres this thing called a ph33x, he can take ur dupes @ph33x
  4. Server Time (relevant for logs): NA Your RP job: Any job. Entity (if applicable): Hunger? if not, NA Enemy job (if applicable): NA Comments about bug: Full armor and HP, when your hunger is empty, your armor will take damage (along with HP, however slower rate then the armor damage). Dunno if a bug or not.
  5. My input. I will not post other messages unless need. - From the top, as far as I've seen and heard, you've been nothing but a total minge lately. Instead of doing a giant boring long sentence I will do this for the things I can remember you doing: Ramming peoples cars Baiting players Ramming into players bases (Constantly) Bit of a smart ass during sits You act like you know what you are doing when, to be honest, you really don't. You've broken NLR quite a few times from what I've seen, Your friend 'Kit Kot' not sure if he is your friend, but he follow some of the things you are doing wrong. Players learning what you are doing wrong, doing the exact same thing, then they get in trouble for your actions. This has been going on for over a few days. I can.. only just remember a few other things of what you've done wrong. Random Cuffs, Stun sticks. Now.. I have warned you quite a bit recently. But you always have some legit reason for why you do things. Might not be for other Staff Members but yeah. Even then, all I've seen from you is just total annoyance and complete minge. I strongly urge Ruben to /Deny/ this appeal. It is entirely up to him however. My input. - Also. If Staff Members are banning players for 1 day for Prop Spam, they are not doing their job right. Prop Spam is not tolerated and will result in a Permanent Ban.
  6. Small note: No need to make 3 ban appeals. Only need to make one. - Need it fixed? Edit it. -Like this edit -- Small note x2: If you are in a sit, stop being an idiot, spawning props, punching in the air, running around. Sit and listen. Legit not that hard. Staff word is final. Don't want to agree or be happy? fine, but don't throw it out all over OOC. Keep it to your self or PM the staff member directly, /nicely/ asking him/her to TP to you.
  7. Been a fucken blast here since I've joined. 41/2 Years. Done a damn well done job with the servers and community. Totally shattered to see it close. ~Peace ikoN and ADTR~
  8. We originally did have Atmos. From memory, It was removed cause it was causing, as what Bobara said, caused light and texture issues, as well as shadow issues. Great if it didn't do it though. I personally would enjoy night, day, and (maybe?) rain again.
  9. prophunt

    Bumpity Bump - No Edits because nothing really changed.
  10. Close copy of the actual quote- Juke: Great now I'm stuck in a 12yr old
  11. In-Game Name (list all known aliases): Riiloo Kakira' , Riiloo , //other// SteamID/Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/riiloo/ How old are you? 16 Do you have a microphone? If so, how often do you use it? I do have a mic yet rarely use it in-game. I may use it when on TeamSpeak3 or Discord. Total Garry’s Mod time played: 3357 Hours because no life. What is your current in-game play time on the Prop Hunt server? 4 Weeks 10 Hours probably 11? (again no life. HA!) Which Monumental servers do you play on regularly? DarkRP. Rarely Prop hunt. Explain with detail any previous admin or moderator experience: Current MGAU DarkRP Admin and use to be MGAU PropHunt Moderator. Why do you want to be Moderator? Prop Hunt is basically dead. Rarely ever players on it, and when there is, all players are new to the game, server and rules. Resulting in a few rule breaks. Some players will often mic spam. I may not be active much on Prop Hunt, nor anyone, but If having the chance to become PropHunt Moderator again, if it needs help with players I can just jump on and spectate. What language is Garry’s Mod coded in? Garry's Mod is coded in the LUA code Someone is constantly spamming music over their microphone, what do you do? I would use the '!gag Simon' command in chat, or 'ulx gag Simon' in console, warn the player not to mic spam as it can be irritating. After I would type '!ungag Simon' in chat or 'ulx ungag Simon' in console. If he continued to Mic Spam, I would re-use the command, but leaving it for a full round. Continuation after warned and gagged, would result in being kicked with the reason 'Mic Spam | Failure to listen'. If the player came back, I would either Perma-Gag him or give a short ban of 6-12 hours, reason being "Mic Spam | Failure to follow instructions | Warned" List three different ways a prop can hide illegally: Hiding in a body Hiding behind cracks n slots where hunters can not reach (E.G Back of the dumpsters on the 'Assault' Map) Finally Outside the Map. A player is found to be hiding in places where they cannot be killed, what do you do? (Not staff) Remember that specific spot, firmly warn the player to move. If he refuses to move I would message staff via '@ Simon is hiding in an illegal spot, please spectate,slay or Teleport him away' - (If staff) Remember the spot, firmly warn the player. Refusal to move, I would teleport the player out, after which firmly warning him. If he goes back there, I would teleport him somewhere else. If he continues to go there, I would slay him. Continuing on breaking the rule would result in a 6 Hour Ban. Reason of "Illegal Spot | Refusal to listen or move" 1) How many times have you been banned (link bans)? 1? I think 2) How long for? If I remember it was 2 Days. 3) Why? Minor Prop Spam. #GoodGuyYes Additional Information: #BringPropHuntBackToLife(andttt) Agreement: By completing this application you agree to have read the rules thoroughly and understand them clearly. You understand that if any rules are broken whilst your application is being reviewed, your application may void and risk being denied or removed. You understand that by submitting your application you are committing to Monumental Gaming and swear to always do the best thing for the community/server. You MUST understand the rules clearly and MUST follow them, this cannot be stressed enough for potential mods. You agree if you ever nag/whine/pester staff to look at your application or to give you staff, your application will be denied. You have read the agreement and understand the conditions of submitting your application. Signature: Kakira
  12. Fancy
  13. First thing before I explain my suggestion, I'd first like to say this, I got lots of suggestions in mind for various jobs, entities and systems. Whether this is good or bad, just keep in mind that more suggestions may come rolling in. - Also if any of the Forum Staff would like, I can make one massive thread about all the suggestions. Sorta a Mega-Thread or something along those lines, there it would be easier and neater then having multiple of other threads, which would be looking like SPAM -Anyway- "Government Security Cameras", basically.. lets say 4-6 Cameras around the map, looking down on the street and buildings/doors, (e.g Looking down at Town Square, Gas Station, Beach), and inside the PD say.. the empty room left of the stairs to the Court-Room (Closest to Ledge), could be a Security Check room. Having either, 4-6 Screens, or 1 Bigger Screen that can be switched between each camera. When the Screen has switched to a camera, that Camera would perhaps light up green, to display that, the area is being watched. - Reason I made the Suggestion - Mainly because not everyone uses /cr to call Police. Most people would say that's their fault for not calling them. But, since most people don't use it. The Security Camera could be backup /cr. Player that's there watching the cameras, could see someone doing an illegal activity, (Not knowing the players name, which is where 'Detailed' explanation of what the "Player being caught looks like" comes in) - All in, pretty much just a Camera Surveillance in multiple areas to call Cops on to defend Gun Stores, peoples bases, etc. Potentially this can just be thrown out the window, as you can already spawn Cameras and a Screen, able to set them up in locations, however only max being 1. (I believe. Will have to confirm this) - Idea for Job - Job Name: Police Security Checker Job Rank: Respected Job Payday: $85-$120 (as sitting around watching cameras pays well ye? ) Job Vehicle: N/A Job Weapon: Glock Job Command: /ss - Roles for Job - Watch the cameras inside the PD Call Police with a new command /ss (/securitysurveillance) which could highlight in or Cyan - Example. Player watching cameras sees someone doing illegal activity. Player types in chat "/ss Illegal Activity at Gas Station, armed men." -- Cops would see this in chat as "Security Surveillance: Illegal Activity at Gas Station, armed men." then resulting in Cops heading towards the location. Basically backup /cr Can help defend PD if it's being Raided. - Rules for Job - Must not be running around doing normal Cop work. You must stay inside where Security Cameras are located, watching for illegal activity. Giving false information, or not letting Cops know about any illegal activity is classified as FailRP Can not carry rifles. Glock being the only valid weapon it can carry. Spamming /ss is FailRP and will result in a !demote. FailRP to let civilians enter the Screen room. --- Erm. Basically it I guess. I'd do Pros and Cons, but I think I wanna let you guys think of em. Main Con I can think of, is, if this is going to happen, it be tricky as hell. --- Post your Pros and Cons, your thoughts, etc. - Just a suggestion. Won't worry or get annoyed if this will get turned down. Lel /Last Note. I will most likely be adding images for more detail and understanding later on /offtomakingmoresuggestions/
  14. #Clicked
  15. Terrorist Follower - Pretty much the Hired Goon, however, it can only base with the Terrorist job. - Thought of this because, a Hired Goon wouldn't really work for a suicide bomber, but a Terrorist Follower(Can'Be'Different'Job'Name') would. Although most people who go Terrorist usually go solo (e.g me at times), for those who don't go solo and usually hire goons, could hire Terrorist Followers instead. (Max of 2) Suggestive Roles: Help, Defend and Keep your leader (Terrorist) and his 'Bomb Generator' hidden from civilian or police notice. (Adding to the Hired Goon rule, not able to base with the Terrorist) Police will take extreme caution and will watch you when you are around in public (Perhaps more attention then Terrorist, as Terrorist Follower could be wearing chains, pocket belt,, ammo rack around his chest, and/or Mouth Bandana (much like the Crips and Bloods)) Choose to Join your leader (Terrorist) on the suicide run or not. Let your life be taken first before your leader (Terrorist) Threaten people to look away if they notice anything going on. (e.g See your leaders (Terrorist) bomb gen, find your base location) Suggestive Rules: As a Terrorist Follower you can only base with the Terrorist, you may not base with any other job. You can not give information about PlayerA being a Terrorist to other jobs (e.g Police, Mayor, etc) Do not destroy or steal the Terrorists bomb generator. You are meant to be helping and defend. --More rules to add, suggest them in a post though if you do think of one-- Suggestive Other: $50-$80 Payday Spawns with Glock (or if possible, DesertEagle) Donator Only (or Respected +Vote) Getting killed from the bomb will not give a reward to the Terrorist. (Possible Pro, for removing chance of farming) 10-30% of money from kills by a bomb will go to the Terrorist Follower/s (If ever possible, could require a 'Hire System' for both Terrorist and normal Hired Goon.) 2 Job Slot Pros and Cons (Green and Red): -Pro Spice up RP a bit, Police Jobs looking and watching the Terrorist Follower job more harshly, more then the Terrorist. -Pro More realistic for a Terrorist Follower to work for a Suicide Bomber instead of a Hired Goon -Pro MORE'TO'ADD ------------------------------ Con- If not possible for the Terrorist to not get money from killing Terrorist Follower, it could be abused to farm money. (15 minute wait but can earn fast for $250 each kill, $500 if two.) Con- Can be abused by minges who get the job and just muck around, not doing the actual role, stealing / destroying generators, giving information. Con- MORE'TO'ADD err basically sums my idea. Post thoughts, more rules, cons, pros. Etc. If not possible to do then. :')