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  1. Bump Updated time and money
  2. Who wants a toaster when a Map-Gas bottle will do the same job quicker?
  3. Don't worry about it, he hasn't realised it isn't goodbye, we are just moving
  4. Your ban is here: That's not the only thing: Lying in a sit, player Disrespect, Getting his friend to log on the server so he can quote on quote tell you what happened even though he wasnt even on the fucking server, RDM, Stealing through trasnaction, RDM in a sit, Mic spam, Monumental go there if you want to set up a ban appeal, ~Valentine 2W Yeah, no. Not why you should be unbanned. Please redo this answer please.
  6. +1 for the dedication, but +100
  7. You finally upgrading your homebase mate?
  8. Prob salty. But I know one thing, it's not really dying, it's just moving, in which it's being run by the person whom he will hate if he keeps breaking rules, so not sorry there. Still can't wait to celebrate and give MGAU and ikoN a sendoff
  9. Bumping - Updated time - Updated monies
  10. (delete if out of line) One lesson for all to learn from this (no matter if he said it or didn't): The !motd states instant permaban if DOS or DDOS or hacking is mentioned. Even if it wasn't mentioned seriously, the value this has is that the server is at a major risk if anything of it comes up. It's illegal, it's immoral for hackers to do so, and more so, it risks the security and runtime of the server. The only precaution is to eliminate. Standard monitoring procedure: if DOS/DDOS comes up, eliminate threat. Otherwise there is a massive risk to all in the server as well as the server. Please do NOT even joke about DDOS. Or say it out of context. They have to maintain the server and protect it.
  11. Read the rules, you'll know what you done wrong in the first place
  12. Just from friend steam activity, I knew at least 3 admins were on DarkRP at the time you claim. Dikkus does need the name and id
  13. In Game Name: Ben Dudson but at the time he was Donuld Trumpe SteamID: STEAM_0:0:58101982 Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:62371893 What server: DarkRP What happened: He started building a wall on a road with no staff around when he was hired mayor. I first noticed Liam Eisam (who was later banned for RDM and uncooperative in a sit by Lenin cause he shot coppers who witnessed this event go down and tried to kill me as well) trying to build a wall with fences on the road. I told him that you can't build buildings or structures on the road, and then he said it was by order of the mayor. He then pointed to the mayor who was building a (very poor constucted) wall on the tunnel entrance by the bar. I said Mayor you can't build stuff on the road, can you take it down. He said I'm building a wall. I said I don't care, you can't build anything on the road and can you take it down. He then started a Donald Trump-style speech and spamming the mic. I tried to cut in and say it's against rules and to take it down. He still kept spamming the mic. I gagged and muted him, and again told him (this time) take it down, it's against server rules to build on the road. He then put it as faded and then kept doing movements like a speech. This went for 15 minutes and he only took it down because I did a call for demotion in chat. Which I ungagged and unmuted him after. This then lead to me being shot once and another officer being RDMed by Liam Eisam as well (he got banned). I normally wouldn't mind except he has been a minger before, and it shouldn't take 15 minutes for someone to get that this is in the rules and !motd. I also didn't notice Lenin Der Kaiser was in when the demote happened. I could've talked to him, but the demote was done, so... Screenshots (if you have any): Witnesses: John Bishop, Leonid Hax
  14. Would it be safe to assume that trying to code cinema to support HTML5 would be a massive pain in the royal @$$
  15. DarkRP kinda needed more work though, as you had to re-create brand new what the virus took down and fix what a lot of updates had ruined for MG. At least with that code in, doesn't it leave a little template on what to share around for basics in the other modes? Standard coding practice (for everyone): if some functionality cannot be implemented but everyone expects it, it looks bad. Only share what you definitely can do first, and leave others as goals for the future. That way you can give what you promised and no-one will ever miss what can't come. Some people rather not share plans in their programming. I like sharing what I would attempt in my uni projects for assignment purposes, but then there is so much horse$hit that comes after, it's better if you don't get hype in case stuff goes wrong because people always go "But you said this was coming etc..." even though it could be complete bull. TL:DR Ph33x is working on it, he does things for a reason, let's see what happens, server and community permitting, he'll look after us