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  1. This has been part of my life now, made some great friends and memories. Good luck to everyone. See you in the future! -Thank you for everything.
  2. Maybe the Mayor and/or the Police Chief should be tring to be the judge. It would give both roles more to do and would influence players to manage the police force. I.e find corrupt officers from court cases. I know that some cases can get out of hand, but those who wish to do some serious role play should be trying to create these events on a regular basis. It would be good to have more full on RP sessions. (Not all over the place, fidgety unrealistic gameplay).
  3. I might add to this, Spiral (mainly) and myself have talked to both talked Nicholas & Thomas when this request first came into place. Both players admitted to stealing your car but as they later stated it was after Mean & James 'broke' rules and harassed them. This shouldn't of happened, non staff should not take any rule breaking into their own hands. Instead they should be putting up ban requests, etc. Despite this, the group who placed this ban request have been getting into several arguments and fights with many other players and groups throughout the community. It has been constant bickering when things don't go their way. We wouldn't be needing to deal with this request if people couldn't get over a simple argument. Suck it up, deal with it. You might not like the player, but there're plenty of other players out there. I don't know the 100% story-perhaps one side is right, but I believe this could have been prevented if you guys would ease off a bit when comes to unfair role playing events. Life goes on, so does your character's.
  4. On our current map we do have a court room. Players do use it, (Valence has a video to prove it). However a custom job with the name "Judge" (having keys to the PD) would be a great addition. I believe we should have a few non-police government roles.
  5. I would play sandbox more if they had this. (As long as it doesn't cause lag).
  6. Hey dude, Welcome to the MG forums! Nice to see some more sandbox players entering the forums. On that note when I do come on sandbox feel free to say hey. If you ever want to take your buildings into some semi-realistic scenarios, come jump on DarkRP. Nice signature, who's your favourite DC hero? Kind Regards, Bobara (Wizard Cat- my steam name).
  7. Server Time (relevant for logs): 6:40 PM/ N/A Your RP job: Any job. Entity (if applicable): Hit System or N/A Enemy job (if applicable): Hitman Comments about bug: I dunno if it can be fixed, but when you place a hit, then follow to push 'e'/use key again while the hitman accepts or just after he declines, it will cause your Garry's Mod to crash. This has happened in the past and is usually the only reason my game crashes. Sometimes this bug can cause permanent bans (i.e Kote's).
  8. I recon if we introduce taxi's back into rp, they should be pretty cheap to allow new players to do a legal but low pay job. This is great idea to improve rp -if players do use this feature. Only problem is, having newer players access to taxis is that it is possible for more bumper caring. But aye, that's what staff are for. (If this is added, can the driver have the Asian skin?)
  9. Sorry for this late delay in posting, I was busy the day you posted the appeal. I'm posting now because I thought the post was locked for further replies. But anyway, you were banned permanently for DDOS threat/joke. You had RDM killed a player and then threatened his buddy to DDOS them. When asked in the sit you admitted it (in a joking matter) then stated you didn't admit it. The player you threatened then made a remark to DDOS you back. Eventually Riiloo (who was mainly taking the sit) warned both player in question severely if they broke any other rule/threatened a DDOS they would be banned. I started to spectate you, it was possible you could pull another threat. You went back to minging and interrupting some certain player's raid. Eventually they just killed you. After that you switched jobs to secret service, broke NLR and tried to arrest both players once the raid had finished (they were not breaking any laws at that time). The ban was originally going to be 2-3 days however other staff recommended a permanent ban due your previous threats. Seeing that you're unbanned, I advise caution. If you are seen breaking any rules further punishments will occur. By now you should know the rules, if you are unsure there is always the handy !motd command. /requestinglock
  10. Well we have a beach and a ocean, which isn't used much. We could have some pirate gangs clashing with water police trying to intercept. Pirate warfare. There could also be a mass water rescue, or an event where the police have to stop refugees from entering the mainland. Could be hidden treasure event where you have to find a key to get the goodies which are also hidden. (With many other props tricking players) A mass hostage situation, and the cops have rp it out. A huge jail break leading in vigilantes and cops hunting the prisoners, but the vigilantes can be arrested in the process. The force which re-captures/kills the most wins. Massive gang war.
  11. Everything mentioned in this old post by Juke. (Still waiting)....
  12. Since MG is going I found some good old ones and some new screenshots to add.
  13. It's a beautiful, top notch piece of art. Except Valence's face. Shame it didn't get captured.