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  1. The Millennium Falcon is mine, the other thing with a bad pilote is Drowsy's.
  2. This problem may just be because I use a laptop to play gmod but i wanted to make sure it want anything else. Lately (past week) I have crashed more than usual, and a new thing has popped up when I crash. This is what comes up... Hopefully its because I use a crap-top but if u guys know what this means it would be nice to know. -Dino-
  3. yo mum gay
  4. Thanks guys, nice to see people liking my work, its a good felling.
  5. one more post and I get to change my rank form full member to whatever I want!

  6. I just finished adding colour to the project, here it is;
  7. yea I was online and saw u making these I think, they looked cool
  8. when u use the wrong 'there' "there's a first for everything"
  9. Yay i'm included in something! theirs a first for everything.
  10. I will (not) do that
  11. Over the past week or so I have being working on a small project, I was recently introduced to an application called "Fusion 360", like sketch up on steroids. With this I built the inner part of gm_genesis (the part inside the water). I have compleated this so all i have to do now is 3D print it at my school so I can have my very own 20cm by 20cm map. Her are some pictures of the compleated product... Reply down bellow to express what you think about it. -Dino-
  12. I was scanning through my screenshots and i found this one from like early last year of budds and his "creation" when he was still admin. and when i was still regular! good old times...
  13. Clicked :3
  14. yea nice work (but its gman, not breen lol)