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  1. Its been a blast with you mate, Hope to see you around soon.
  2. Batman???! Get the fuck out of here mate, It's all about Captain Underpants. (And don't even start with the "Captain Underpants isn't a DC hero" bullshit) (Welcome to the forums)
  3. Dick is one of our best regular player that can really RP. - He knows the rules quite well. - Never had a problem once with him, most of the time he's always right. - Talks about Dick Cheese - He can sometime become quite like a "Boomstick" but overall can be quite helpful. Dick would be an interesting addition to the team. It's a +1 from me. Good luck you nugget
  4. (OOC) Nathan Station: Now ungag me your cuck or i'll beat your ass harder than a father in Pakistan
  5. Mmmm looks like I have to get involved in this. Oh nuggets (Doing this on my phone so ) Anyways Antagonists you and a player name kit kot have been minging for the pass three nights, yes you were RPING but you sometimes can get out of hand, not gonna say how since I've had a chat with both of you last night. "I won't be a minge anymore." Well then let's see you do it then. I take people's words really seriously What ticks me off is that soon as I hop off for 10 minutes and get back on I get multiple complain about you and your little friend. I'll be watching really closely, I've given you a chance and it will be the last. My two cents /requestinglock
  6. Server Time (relevant for: Wed 12/07/2017 22:23:55 Your RP job: Citizen ( Works with any jobs) Entity (if applicable): Na Enemy job (if applicable): Na Comments about bug: When trying to suicide while wanted, it will not let you suicide but it still will take $1k off you.
  7. Wait not a filthy trial ? Nutters is probably better then me when it comes rping. - Most of the time active - Has pervious staff experience - Never had a problem with him once Its a +1 from me Good luck!
  8. Na Boomstick app is still the longest. Is it a good time that this app could be even longer?!
  9. Just a heads up that you can only create a new mod app every 30 days. Bump them every 7 days.
  10. Don't know why you started a new appeal when you still have your old one open and running but ok then This is your ban : http://monumentalgaming.net/bans/index.php?p=banlist&searchText=STEAM_0%3A0%3A63529616&Submit= (Read your old appeal for more details)
  11. You mother nugget, Don't post on others appeal. Your not welcome here, wait for your turn and sit there like a good boy. There should be a button where you can edit your appeal post instead of posting another one
  12. Here's your steam id : STEAM_0:0:63529616 Just to help you out. Reason for your ban was DDOS threats and RDM. You were ban by Chuck (who perm himself after the ransomware attack) , since he isn't a staff anymore you might need a higher to decide whether or not you will remain ban. I had been watching your sit with Chuck and you straight up threaten him, I was gonna ban you myself but sadly Chuck had beaten me to it.
  13. Hello Xenon, just to help you out a bit here's your ban: http://monumentalgaming.net/bans/index.php?p=banlist&advSearch=STEAM_0:1:213207140&advType=steamid&Submit You were ban by Bobara
  14. I could do that...... Just give me a wok, a pair of chopstick and 30 minutes. And don't worry about your kitchen, it probably will be turn to ash.
  15. Is that a plane? No! Is it a bird? No! Its Juke riding on a penis with hairly balls!