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  1. specifically what monitor(s) are you running, I used to have a similar problem with a tv I was using as my primary monitor.
  2. Get a bigger PSU! Using cooler masters calculator (, they ended up recommending on of their 550 watt PSUs (calculated to about 400 watts), and Nvidia on their GTX 1070 page ( recommend a 500 watt PSU. Note that with the calculator that's with an overclock on the CPU (if you don't want to do that, then use the heat sink that comes with the CPU), and it likely recommends a 550 watt PSU because of the efficiency curve of the unit. If you " expect this PC will last [you] 5 years or so " you might need to upgrade stuff along the way (most likely more hard drive space, like James said), and having too small of a PSU would mean you may need to spend more when this happens to replace the unit (unlikely you'll be overloading a functional PSU because you added a hard drive though). Do you already have a network card, or are you planning on using the LAN port? Without getting into the dick measuring contest over who can choose a better graphics card, the graphics card you've chosen is 100% fine, however should you decide to get something like a GTX 980 or 980ti then you will 100% need a larger PSU. Have you met rel?