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  1. It's not good bye, it's a "until I see you again" MG is the first community I've ever been serious about, staffing here has been a pleasure and taught me quite a few things. I really hope you come by and blast your shitty Aussie Rap playlists on the new server sometime, you're always welcome there. Obligatory Goodbye Song:
  2. Like every other thread on MG, it doesn't take long to devolve into shitposting.
  3. Two things here. 1. I will kindly remind non-staff to not comment on ban appeals that have nothing to do with them and not backseat moderate. 2. You've been making a Royal Cunt of yourself all over Rp and the forums, this isn't a ban appeal, this is a shitpost. Ban Appeals are for when you think you've been banned unjustly, you haven't, you just "want to be there when the server dies" (2 edgy eks dee amrite) Get Out.
  4. It's now been confirmed as Ryder-Rogerson Gaming|M9K|CARS|DRUGS|107 JOBS|NEW|NEED STAFF
  5. That's our new home.
  6. The evidence in this case isn't much. I'd rather not ban people on nothing but two screenshots of them holding guns, but I'll speak to these players when they are seen again. /requestinglock
  7. Your Ban states the following reason: DDOS Threats | RDM | NLR Arrest | Minge | Bobara
  8. If you're going to make a map, make sure you finish it* *unlike Juke
  9. More information is needed, who was the staff member involved, was this during a sit? Who was the theif in question? Nothing can be done u til more information is given.
  10. Provide clarification please, was this during a Sit? Or just regular gameplay?
  11. I like the last one, considering doing an event tonight where players must sneak in to a courtroom and assassinate a few witnesses , or maybe have to hit a police convoy and kill a few selected VIP's
  12. You're implying that this hasn't already happened? Nah but I like what's been suggested so far, some solid ideas for a Cinema server
  13. Please provide clarification on the events shown in the screenshots so a clear and correct course of action can be taken.
  14. Hi Everyone Seeing as mine and Vaox's "PD Heist" event tonight was a roaring success, I'd like to get some feedback and suggestions on future RP events you'd like to see happen. Keep in mind I'd like to move us away from the Traditional "Arena Deathmatch" events and towards something like tonight that requires RP and Teamwork to be successful. Post your ideas below and we'll see what's possible.