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  1. Yeah alright just talking here I am sorry for what I did It was my fault the logs of chat are not to be relied upon I am deeply sorry for any inconveniences and I was being biast here honestly I as a staff member should know better but if I see you two in game I will give you guys my deepest apology I was being harsh and depending way to much on Vaox and the logs as I have been told wrong about my doings not blaming anyone else for my actions but I am truly sorry dude hopefully we can work something out as we are human beings just playing for entertainment but I am really sorry I can express this enough no hard feelings please. ~Unbanned
  2. Alright mate let's get this started YOU have lied in the sit multiple times it took me over 20min to deal with it so don't complain about fully explaining your self Alex said that you RDMED him you on the other hand said that "He told me to kill him" So I bring Vaox over to me and he checked logs. Oh wait there is a surprise Alex didn't say anything about "Shooting me" in chat so that is your story gone, but you still decided to go on ahead and take this further so you bring your friend Vaox said was Alex talking in voice chat your friend sais "Oh yeah!" even though ALEX doesn't even use a mic. There is another part of your story gone. Talking over you? You were typing in chat mate I gave you multiple chances at talking no sorry TYPING. I banned you and your friend for lying in a sit and you two were both being smart asses in the sit we have logs that's all the evidence we need so don't try playing the victim you lied you had your chance you put me in a really bad mood you know that? You kept going on and on about I didn't say that he said this everything you said was a lie for god sake you have over a fucking week on the server and you come playing the victim card and lying to me? You were making yourself and your friend stupid and I know for a fact you two were in Discord or Teamspeak3 or Skype something like that. YOU were in the wrong YOU lied to me YOU pissed me off further saying "Am I lying" "Am I really?" no I am going to extent your ban because you keep saying that Alex said "Shoot me please" when you had your gun out at him for no reason mate You have no proof what so ever to cover your appeal so I will make it 2D you've brought this upon yourself by blatantly lying to an admin DENIED ~Valentine /requesting lock
  3. Honestly this truly has been a heartwarming and it has been a fun ride hopefully feaks will still carry on the legacy of the coon & MG. Youve been such a cool guy to talk to i think youve accomplished so much and i am so happy from all the work youve put in, you made everyone enjoy thhe gaming community of MG. Churs for everything iKoN may you have a bright and amazing future Thanks ~BoomStick aka BroomStck aka Broomcupboard
  4. Alright well here is my input Agreeing with everything that Dikkus and Lenin said I may not be as active as all the other staff members but you still end up being a pain in the arse for me and for everyone else. Mostly everytime I see you on the server I always and I mean ALWAYS see you minging, breaking rules and being stupid I literally got a complaint yesterday by one of the newer players saying that you RDMed (Random Death Match) him as a cop and I quote he sad "This Kerry guy raided me as an officer and said I don't have a legal license even though I was GD not BMD" I do have to deal with you later when I see you sometime and talk to you about the issue but back to my input, I cant believe my eyes that a sandbox staff as immature as you can possibly be breaking so much rules let alone all the fucking warns and kicks you've been getting, you as a ACTIVE rp player should know the rules like a it's written on the back of your hand. I am utterly disappointed from your behavior let alone your attitude don't even get me started on that, sorry let me make some points. -Arrogant -Idiotic -A pain to deal with -Complains way too much Also another example of your previous mingy behavior. It was a peaceful day in the neighbourhood while I'm AOD I can see you in the distance ramming cars and driving your car on the roof multiple times which made players think its all right to prop push your car off the roof I warned you the first time but wait it's not over, once I left the server to do some shit 10min later I come back to see you AGAIN doing the same shit I told you not to and of course you thought it was alright to do it again so I kicked you. Honestly I should have banned you that day as I recall you said when I said "Do you remember the warn?" "I don't remembers you warning me" You may not remember but that's besides the point -1 I don't think your fit to be staff I may consider changing my mind once you have got your shit together but right now there is no way you can convince me now.
  5. Ayy not a trial anymore +1 -Great guy to play with (Little phycopathic) -Previous staff member -Knows the rules (probably better than I do lmao)
  6. Don't know how it just happened I'm going to take it to the electronics store and get this shizzle sorted Thanks for the help
  7. Ok so turns out my windows got uninstalled for some reason
  8. Is it possible to take this back to the store and make them fix the issue?
  9. Ok so yesterday morning my pc was doing fine it was all g I was playin a bit of cs go and a bit of gmod just the usual 3 hours later I turn on my pc and this pops up "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected device and press a key" im hella confused and I don't know what to do if anyone can help or figure this out please leave a post ~Thank you
  10. Ok first of all its good that you know what you have done is wrong but you still made a mistake non the less. You really made a big mess and I had to deal with a lot of crap. You did my head in today I warned you for prop abuse for once also for owning doors when people are building in the area (Poor spiral). You messed up and you fucked up. I will not unban you I will lower your ban to 2 days for being a minge on the server. /Requestinglock
  11. 1d late on my bump woops (Thanks David, Justin, Carlos <3) Updated ingame money and time
  12. My scariest experience... oh god I don't want to talk about it but when me and hiraeth are alone things happen lots of things.. HE RAPES ME AND TOUCHES ME IN PLACES THAT HAVE NEVER BEEN TOUCHED the place he touched was... MY BELLY BUTTON that was about it. And the fact that Jeke sent me a pic of his belly button on snapchat...
  13. ~BUMP ~Updated ingame money and time
  14. BUMP updated ingame money and time
  15. I has talent with me hawaiiiiin uuuuuukulele