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  1. Seeing that Uber/Taxi drivers are quite popular around in DarkRP there should be a job called Taxi Drivers. What this job basically does is drive around picking new people in the servers are those who can't afford a car just yet to drive around picking up people. is basically a script that allows the person to pay for the distance that you take them.This is extremely helpful for those new to the server and to those who can't afford a car as the map is quite big and with stamina, they may not be able to go as fast as a car can take them. This is a short suggestion but very handy ~Cheers
  2. medic healers

    Roleplay is getting fewer and fewer days and days forwards so I got a suggestion for many people to start doing more RP and more realism to commence. The Job should be a medic based jobs running around responding to calls from maybe police or citizens who require health.This is where the paramedic should come in with and take them to a destination (preferably a built hospital area) which they could heal a person for a small fee.This should be cheaper than the health stations to encourage more RP and Realism. The Job includes a paramedic car which will allow citizens or any job to hop on the back for the paramedics to take to the hospital. These stunning player models will enhance the looks of RP: These cars will help Paramedics to travel from places to places faster to help civilians: and is perfect as it fits in with vcmod. Commands for calling Paramedics should be maybe /H. The only negative side to this is people can't be bothered to wait for an ambulance to arrive and go to the hospital which I think is an issue so maybe if urgent the ambulance can do it at the spot depending on how much health the person has left.This can be used with the health tool but will need a certain fee from the player to commence the healing. This can also be easily minged so they need to be properly trained in order to use it and should be a donator job as well ~Cheers
  3. Ban AppealIn Game Name: John Slayer SteamID: STEAM_0:0:89307060 Server you were banned on: DarkRP When were you banned: 4:10 pm Saturday 8th July How long you were banned for: Perm Admin that banned you: Chaotic What happened: Justin, minecraftJaydon and I were mucking about and was talking about Minecraft.Later then I said as a joke "I will DDoS your Minecraft server but actually didn't mean it Why you think you should be unbanned: I know it was against the rules to say it joke about DDoS and my mine was at the wrong place at the time and wasn't aware of what I am doing at that time.I'm really sorry and I really wanted the chance to redeem myself and use my donator as well as being focused on the task at hand and what I should be aware at the whole entire time.
  4. This is a fantastic suggestion but I would like to elaborate on this There should be a Fish Buyer NPC that would buy fish for like 300$.This will incorporate more RP legally seeing that RP is getting pricey. Who Can Sell Them? Merchants Risk? Fish may be able to bite you or injure you or be able to get away. To prevent people from fishing too much there should be a licensing system where you need to acquire a license in order to fish or else it would be illegal. Furthermore, this could definitely be a job or an item that merchants can sell to everybody of all jobs.
  5. You don't even have evidence, unlike Kerry who actually recorded the whole thing.If you could please upload the video that would be a great help to yourself kery because I've faced with him and all he does all he does is minge minge and minge
  6. The next generations of staff...
  7. Bruh its so pointless to make fun of ya because its gonna take days in order for you to figure it out.And also you're the reason that god made the Middle Finger
  8. Umm dude you already have an existing mod app for DarkRP why start a new one If you like you can edit your mod app
  9. I missed you already
  10. Welp my new status is the Sandbox Mods and Admins abuse subject.Great!


  11. Options>Delete
  12. Well its the same as me but there are too many entities in the game which will make my Gmod lag a lot.Bootcamp is only allowed if you have 50+ of storage and the lua panic i think is because your Mac cannot handle all the entities in the game (like mine). Hope this help
  13. Bumps can be made in 7 days