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  1. The player has been BANNED /requestinglock
  2. @Proximity
  3. R.I.P ph33x
  4. Do not do it again. Unbanned /requestinglock
  5. Use the appeal format
  6. Hello Dingus, Your ban has been reduced to two weeks, This will be your last chance. #DoTheSpamGetTheBan /requestinglock
  7. When I teleported to you, I told you it was not RDM because you trespassed on their property which gives them the right to kill you without warning which is stated in the Motd and with the doors Lenin owned the 2 gates and add the gang members to the doors (as you can see in the images below) at the front of the property before you bought the 3 doors left of the front of the base after telling you this and ending the Sit you kept on complaining about staff decisions so that's when I kick you and you rejoined the server ask why you were kicked Lenin teleported to you to tell why you got kick and you kept on complaining that's when Lenin banned you. Lenin Der Kaiser Jacob Jones