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  1. Cya Naes, it's been a blast staffing/playing with you, you will be missed.
  2. Yo mommas so fat, she had to be baptized at sea world.
  3. +1 - Active & reliable - Knows the rules and enforces them - Respects and gets along with everyone - Never had a problem with ReD Good luck ~
  4. Hi Aqua, your application looks good, just a couple of things. What would you do if they got death again and did the same thing? What would be their punishment? If someone is death avoiding and you slay them mid round you are giving them what they want. What if they come back after the kick? What will be their punishment? Good luck~
  5. Ingame Name: Hiraeth Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:12937758 What server would you like to enter for: Deathrun Thanks Dikkus~
  6. Good idea Luna, but unless you have a link for it Dyoh isn't going to add it.
  7. Howdy, So I have been playing DarkRP quite a lot lately with friends and quite often we want to get into a gang so we can all raid and shit together, however it is sometimes hard to do this as we would often get flooded with randoms who are unaware of how to play the game or are untrustworthy in a raid, which is very frustrating. DarkRP has three gangs, the Bloods, the Crips and the Mafia. I believe that one of these three gangs, preferably Mafia, should be private for you and your friends to join without worrying about any outsiders joining. I understand that private gangs are currently not allowed on the server so that no one is excluded and everyone can join in the fun, however there would still be two other gangs to join if just one was able to go private. I'd say the only down side is that there would be constant demotions for those who we do not want in the gang and I am unsure how this can be avoided, or if it could be avoided at all. If anyone can suggest a way to avoid this, would be much appreciated. Thanks~
  8. Share mine with @Dyoh
  9. Hi Gingerbread Man, your application looks good however there are a few things that need fixing up. Kicking or banning them for not having a good enough reason to button spam is a bit harsh, especially if the person does not know how to play or is new to Deathrun. I suggest you re-think your answer. This question is asking you what would you do if a player was AFK during their death round or isn't pressing any buttons as a death, not if they leave, the server automatically punishes them if they were to leave as death. You need to be more specific (What was the servers name? How long were you staff there for?). Other than that your application looks good. Good luck~
  10. The server actually gives out a warning to let people know not to create flips towards the end of a map as your points will be permanently lost and will NOT be refunded. Sorry, but there is nothing we can do, your points are gone.
  11. Hi Little Man, your application looks good however there are just a few things to make it better. By forcing them to be death over and over you are practically giving them the power to ruin the game over and over again. If you were mod there would be no reason to tell an admin, you should be able to handle it on your own. Two days seems very harsh, in my opinion, for death avoiding three times. TTT has been recently shutdown. R.I.P Other than that, your application looks good. Good luck~
  12. Please follow the correct ban appeal if you would like this to be taken seriously. The format can be found here: Good luck ~
  13. Amen
  14. Goodbye Keys, you will be missed
  15. +1 -Active -Knows the rules and enforces them -Respects all staff and players -Friendly player I've never had a problem with TeM0, he's a reliable and active player. I would love to see him as a moderator. Good luck ~