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  1. Farewell me!!!! But the thing is I dont quit!!!!!! I WANNA BE FAREWELLED
  2. Well bye IkoN, we never heard the lady's voice, but we shal never hear thi voice of thi pretty lady
  3. Whilst I got 1/20 in an algebra test
  4. YOoooo I will definetely HAVE TO add that, most people won't get it, but it will still be funny af for the people who know what it means
  5. I wouldnt just bumper car I'd bloody send their stupid asses flying half way accross the map before they can even say shit. Then I'd use my props to shove them into the water and swim away in their lil Prius
  6. medic healers

    Good idea, I seen this feature on other servers made poorly (They run around with healthpack), but I like the idea of responding to calls, if ever the phone was added back, maybe when calling 911 to choose Hospital or Police, I like it.
  7. So I am making a map in Hammer, spent the last couple weeks learning to do so, and I was wondering what kind of things would make a DarkRP map "awesome", what kind of things would you guys want in a map?
  8. Sorry, bit late notice, but on DarkRP I am hosting an Easter Egg Hunt, in 20 mins from posting this post. Rules: 1. 3 eggs to be found, worth $5k each 2. Bring to sign when found 3. You may kill anyone who is holding an egg (Any weapon) 4. When brought back to sign, within the red box, where you cannot be killed, and will be awarded prize.
  9. Hax - Riiloo
  10. Yes that would be awesome!!!
  11. OMG I AM THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Its funny, ever since I started the server I either called him iKon or iKoN haha
  13. 1:00 - 1:20 hahah