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  1. What would these punishments be? A kick? A ban?
  2. Nora: "Malice, do you like 50 year old men?" Malice: "No, I like children" Later: Malice: "I'm a fat sausage roll who likes children"
  3. If only I'd been there, I could have got out my slave 1
  4. Perhaps some form of medical rp? Maybe some kind of mass emergency (disease outbreak, mass car crash)? People with various injuries that players must figure out and attempt to rp (Examining wounds, asking for patient histories, finding out how the injuries happened). Doesn't have to be medically accurate, so long as the RP is good. Think of Medical Troopers on SWRP if any of you have played that gamemode. Personally, I find that kind of RP fun. May not be everyone's cup of tea but its an idea I guess
  5. If you rely on what others have said, it may lead to miscommunication or an unwarranted punishment. It is best to spectate the player in question and/or check the logs. Also, what would you do if the player came back after you kicked him? You cannot be 100% sure that the users will have gotten it right or be telling the truth, I would recommend to see and assess the incident for yourself before punishing someone. Again, what would you do if the player returned and continued to minge? This would be a permanent ban. Threatening to crash the server is very serious and could result in damage or data loss. There were also a few spelling/grammatical errors, which I have highlighted in blue.
  6. Please use the format: In Game Name:SteamID:Server you were banned on: When were you banned: How long you were banned for: Admin that banned you: What happened: Why you think you should be unbanned:
  7. Stealing all my reputation. Scum.

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      yes, while I was right in the middle of a sit ;-;


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  8. Look mate, I'll be honest with you, you've got a long way to go before I believe you'll be suitable for moderator. None of what is written here is meant as a personal attack. I have tried to be as constructive as possible, if anything comes across this way, I apologise. Now, Drowsy and Valence have done a pretty good job of listing these things, but I'd like to add my input and experiences with you as well. and Back when you were Regular +, you would connect to the server and teleport to myself or Malice, often times without asking, when we were occupied with something else. You would often claim to have magically fixed your issues in a day, and it seemed you were trying to hint at getting +1s. Unfortunately mate, this along with your recent post on your app, have honestly not helped your chances at all. You seemed to believe that being moderator was great fun and easy work. Sure, it certainly can be. But the thing is, many times it can become rather stressful: 10 minges are on the server at once, and you're the only staff, you've got to triple check the ids, to make sure you don't have the wrong one in the clipboard, one of them is mic spamming, got to mute him. One has started prop pushing, got to jail him, someone left, make sure you have his ID. All while trying to deal with another person who has been minging all day. While that example was a tad extreme, it shows that it's not always sunshine and rainbows. From what I and many others have seen, a fair few these so called "mingers" have just done mild things to set you off. The issue is that you take things too harshly, and allow yourself to get upset over the smallest things. While I understand these things upset you (and I know we all have different levels of tolerance), to be staff you need to be able to put up with people's bullshit and make the right calls at the right time. Patience is important, and I feel you lack it as of now. This is a quote that bothers me a fair bit. When staffing, oftentimes, you will be on your own. This means you have to make decisions quickly and rationally. What that quote shows me is that you are relying too heavily on others to help and "fix" your problems when really, it takes commitment and action from the individual to fix the individual's problems. I'm not saying go it alone. I'm saying, you need to act in order for other people's help to mean anything. You've got to help them help you. Know what I mean? Your mod app is honestly, pretty decent, however, there are two things in particular I believe you should elaborate further on. What would you do if the player were to come back and continue? Think to how you have seen staff handle this in the past. What would the punishment for the other player be? A kick? A ban? Elaborate further please. The current image you have created for yourself is not good. The angry outbursts you frequently have leaves a bad taste in many player's mouths. It gives the impression that you would be "trigger happy". Banning, kicking, gagging, etc. people for the slightest things. This does not make people want you to become moderator as you can come across as immature and easily upset, which is not the qualities needed in a moderator. Now, I'd also like to note on your inactivity on sandbox. I have not seen you in some time on there. Activity is important not only for your application but also when you have moderator. The server needs to be staffed regularly so that all users at all times can have the best experience. Inactive staff does not help this. You've also done a fair bit of backseat moderating which is obviously a no no and isn't particularly helpful. If you see a minge on the server report it to staff, and let them deal with it. You may believe that backseat moderating makes you appear a more viable candidate for moderator, but it usually just winds up being unhelpful. Unfortunately mate, you've created a bad image for yourself on the server. Frequent outbursts of anger over small things, rudeness, pestering staff... None of this has helped your image. And so, I'm going to have to issue you with a; -1
  9. I remember once, myself, Neoscoops, CinderKartoshka, Malice and a few others were on sandbox (also in a discord), building as you do. Eventually, we noticed Malice had stopped talking, and there was a faint snoring sound emitting from his microphone. We decided, being the evil cunts we are, to mess with malice, and see if we could wake him. It began with screaming, bashing desks, smacking malice with a crowbar in game. But to no avail. Eventually, we resorted to playing earrape through the discord bot. It took about five rounds of Allstar ear-rape to wake the bugger up. Well, if anyone needs an alarm in the morning, I suppose you know who to call.
  10. I've never personally had to pull UnReal up on anything. He's a great player with great skill in PAC3. He is never rude and is a kind and considerate player. Good luck lad. +1
  11. Malice, Cinder and I decided to have a rave. Let's just say, it got a tad... interesting
  12. Player has been smacked with the ban hammer Ban can be viewed here: /requesting lock
  13. Things are getting a little wild at the Sandbox house...
  14. This is really cool, nice work man!
  15. If you want a chance of getting unbanned, I suggest you actually take the appeal seriously and write it out properly. Calling the admin that banned you a bastard isn't really going to make him inclined to unban you is it? The fact that you couldn't even go to the effort of finding out why you were banned is very concerning.