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William | ウィリアム

xBeep's Moderator Application

Moderator Application

In Game Name: xBeep


Steam ID/Profile Link: 




Age: 13


Do you have a mic and use it often?

I do have a microphone (in my laptop), however I tend not to use it.


Estimation on total amount of hours playing Bunny Hop across any game:

- 7 hours on monumental bunny hop. ~200 hours on other bunny hop servers and ~150 hours on surf servers (if that counts).


What is your playtime on the server?

- Currently 7 hours and 34 minutes.


Which Monumental servers do you play on?: 


- Bunny Hop


Explain in detail any previous administrative experiences:

- Poseidon Deathrun (ex-moderator)

- Monumental Deathrun (current trial moderator)


Why do you want to be Moderator?

I would like to become Moderator on Bunny Hop to expand my moderating and administrating experiences and help out the community even more.


Someone is constantly spamming music over their microphone, what do you do?

First, I would gag them, then warn them for what they have done, after the warning I would ungag them. If they continue to play music I would gag them for roughly 5 minutes. If they continue again, I'll give them a kick clearly explaining what they are doing wrong, followed by a short ban (2 hours~).



By completing this application you agree to have read the rules thoroughly and understand them clearly, you understand if any rules are broken whilst your application is being reviewed during the 2 week review time your application may void and risk being denied or removed. You understand that by submitting your application you are committing to monumental gaming and swear to always do the best thing for the community/server. You MUST understand the rules clearly and MUST follow them, this cannot be stressed enough for potential mods. You agree if you ever nag/winge/pester admins/mods to look at your application or to give you mod/admin, your application will be denied.


NOTE: I changed "nagg" to "nag" as I believe that is the correct spelling - please tell me if I was wrong and I will change it back.


You have read the agreement and understand the conditions of submitting your application.


Signature: xBeep



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